You Can Now Buy The Mansion From The Lord Of The Rings Listed For Sale At $5.2 Million

Magnificent homes have made incredible film sets for movies and shows, from the Hatfield House to the Château de Tourreau, seen on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." A stellar property in New Zealand that enjoyed screen time in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy has recently hit the market, and now, you can own a spectacular piece of film history.

No, it's not a hobbit home but a sprawling mansion known as the Fernside estate. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it can accommodate plenty of guests with eight luxurious bedrooms and six bathrooms over its 9,600 square feet. Mansion Global notes one of the main highlights is the private lake that takes center stage in the movies, known as Silverlode River, where Smeagol finds the ring and Galadriel says goodbye to the hobbits.

Forbes Global Properties listing shared that the property has "one of the best private gardens in the country." But it doesn't come cheap; this mansion is listed at $5.2 million. Whether you're a film buff or a lover of luxury real estate, you'll want to take a closer look at this stunning 27-acre estate. Keep scrolling to see some of the most beautiful rooms and gardens.

The luxurious mansion is a historic gem

This New Zealand mansion comes with an incredible history that anyone would appreciate. According to Mansion Global, it was initially built for a successful wool baron in the mid-1800s. The following owners were Charles Elgar, the director of the National Bank of New Zealand, as well as the chairman of the Wellington Meat Export Company, Ltd, per People Pill, and his wealthy socialite wife Ella, who came from a family that made their vast fortune from farming sheep.

Mansion Global noted that it switched owners again in 1945, with the U.S. embassy taking over and the ambassador making the luxurious home his for about a decade. According to Forbes Global Properties, many of the world's dignitaries came to garden parties at the Fernside estate, so imagine dropping that bit of info at your own gatherings. After that, the property passed through different families that let it fall into disrepair. In 2007, it was scooped up by the current homeowners, and the home went through a complete restoration, and many upgrades were made to the surrounding lands. Now it's back to its former glory just in time for a new family to enjoy it.

The Neo-Georgian style mansion is an exquisite retreat

The Fernside mansion that sits on 27 acres is truly a sight to see. According to Forbes Global Properties, the spectacular Neo-Georgian estate has a typical slate roof and white weatherboard on its exterior, accented by several windows with dark green shutters. The gorgeous home has a ton of character with many of the original elements it had when it was rebuilt in the 1920s after a fire, such as the servant bells and the actual staff quarters. Per Medium, this architectural style was trendy during the Georgian era in Britain from 1714 to 1830. This estate is the perfect representation of the style during what the outlet called the "golden age."

The home is also in the shape of an L, which the Forbes Global Properties real estate listing notes was part of the appeal to affluent households. Today, The Plan Collection explains that this shape works for many families wanting more privacy or noise reduction.

Other highlights of this home via Mansion Global include the commercial kitchen with scullery, formal living areas, elegant bedrooms, plus a drawing room with a sunroom and large terrace.

It has several extraordinarily beautiful gardens

One of the best parts about this estate is the beautiful gardens on the property. Anthony Morsinkhof, managing director of PQ Property Intelligence, told Mansion Global, "This is one of the most significant properties in New Zealand. Its gardens are mind-bogglingly beautiful, the photos just don't do it justice. I haven't seen anything like it, and I sell a lot of real estate."

According to the listing on Forbes Global Properties, there are several gardens to marvel at. For example, a stunning courtyard with a fountain and roses, the restored Mercury garden, and the main lawn, which is steps from the drawing room and ideal for a game of croquet. Additionally, there's a massive garden for playing chess, a floral-filled scented path, and a Secret Garden with an entertainment area that would be perfect for a summer party. 

If you're wondering what flowers are in the gardens, they are filled with blooms like Himalayan lilies, magnolias, and dogwood, and the surrounding area has trees that surpassed the 100-year mark, like weeping willow, mature oaks, and cedars. The property also has an orchard with delicious fruits like pears, apples, lemons, figs, avocados, and much more.

The most famous spot is the lake seen in The Lord of the Rings films

The beautiful lake is one of the main draws of the luxurious property! It was used for filming during "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and is close to the main lawn, so after you play a game of croquet or have a picnic on the lawn, check out the spot recognizable from the world-famous films.

One of the most well-known scenes is from the 2001 film "The Fellowship of the Ring," when actress Cate Blanchett's character is seen sailing through the mysterious waters. The serene spot was also a filming location in the next film, "The Two Towers," which came out in 2002, per

It's not hard to see why this dreamy lake was used as a film set for these iconic movies. Can't you imagine admiring the stunning views after this home is yours?

The towns surrounding the mansion are just as charming

Plunking down $5.2 million on a property might have you wondering a bit about the surrounding area of the estate. After you've spent the day at your massive estate, enjoying the house and the gardens, it's time to explore the area. The idyllic retreat is located in the Wairarapa region, with notable villages that make this spot a unique place to call home. says the region is filled to the brim with rural charm with nearby wineries, scenic drives, shopping, and delicious restaurants.

Forbes Global Properties shares that several nearby towns, such as Masterton, Featherston, and historic Greytown, offer upscale boutiques and antique shopping. Martinborough is known for its spectacular vineyards, which is just a short drive from the Fernside estate and has events like the Toast Martinborough showcasing wine and delicious food every November (via Toast Martinborough) and the Wairarapa Wines Harvest Festival in February (via Wairarapa Wines Harvest Festival). So if you do buy this historic home featured in "The Lord of the Rings," it's safe to say that there will be plenty of spectacular beauty surrounding you and plenty to do.