Why You Should Never Mix Products In Your Washer

There is a continuous influx of new cleaning trends and ideas to make tasks easier. While a majority of these hold stock and can make your chores a little simpler, some can be detrimental. One such hack has become popular on social sites like TikTok and is encouraging people to mix their washing products to create a mega detergent that acts as an all-in-one. While the idea sounds harmless, this trick is definitely too good to be true, and here is why.

Cleaning products all hold their own chemicals, and these aren't all necessarily meant to be mixed. Unfortunately, not all substances play nicely when combined, and you could be inventing a toxic solution that is both bad for your washing and your health. According to the Toxicology Education Foundation, there are a number of side effects that can arise from hazardous or noxious fumes. Mixing different products also makes them more toxic, even if they weren't originally.

Mixing washing products can be harmful

The list of side effects people can experience when mixing detergent, bleach, and fabric softener all together is a long one. While the smell and ease might be tempting, the combination could cause skin irritation, breathing difficulties, itching eyes, nose, and throat, or other health issues. This viral craze is all over TikTok and shows users putting everything from powdered detergent and Borax to Oxi Clean and baking soda in a giant tub. The overall goal is to use it as an all-in-one cleaner for laundry loads, saving time and money with the giant mixture.

While the premise is smart, the actual results can include bad reactions between each ingredient. For example, many TikTok users are putting three or four different kinds of powdered detergent in at once, which already raises the alarm for experts. Royal Society of Chemistry notes that people have been hospitalized or even suffered fatal consequences when mixing chemicals because some of them react badly and produce toxic fumes.

Always check before combining anything

It's not all doom and gloom, though. You might not be able to recreate the mega mix seen on TikTok, but using stain removers before placing items in detergent can help get out spots, and fabric softeners can be added during rinse cycles to help make your clothes feel extra cozy. In addition, Wirecutter recommends sticking to liquid detergent over powder because it disperses better in the wash and doesn't leave a residue like the latter.

Checking both the ingredients in your cleaning products and how they react with other substances is important and will ensure everyone remains safe when they are being used. Cutting corners can feel smart, but it can lead to serious side effects for people in the house, so stick to using one substance at a time unless it is purposely meant to be combined with others. Each product is created to do a task in your washer, so trust in the process and allow the cleaning solutions to work their magic without any additions!