25 Desk Accessories Every Home Office Needs

If you work from home, you must design an office space that you'll enjoy. As outlined by Entrepreneur, a few basic things are required to build a home office. First, you'll need a quiet, distraction-free area, and you should dedicate it only to work-related tasks. The best rooms have large windows with lots of natural light and can be separated from the rest of the home by closing a door. Next, you'll need to choose a desk with enough surface area and a comfortable chair. To personalize the design, add decorative items such as artwork. Further, don't forget to designate a separate space to relax during your much-needed breaks. 

To finish the design, you'll need to include some desk accessories. These should assist you in completing your work, make your job easier, and increase productivity. Below, we've listed a few of the most vital office accessories, as well as links to retailers you could purchase them from. 

1. Table lamp

One of the essential office accessories is a lamp, which will provide you with task lighting. This brass one is sold at World Market and is currently on sale for $41.99 (regularly $59.99).

2. Charging station

Another must-have is a place to charge your phone and other devices. Pottery Barn sells this rose-colored dock for $99, which also comes in dark gray. You could also choose a charger with multiple stations for things like a tablet or headphones.

3. Everyday set

No matter your job, if you handle any paperwork, you'll need a standard set containing a tape dispenser, scissors, and a stapler. This classic gold and clear set is sold at Pottery Barn for $89.

4. To-do notepad

If you often forget about important tasks, you'd be wise to invest in a to-do notepad. This inexpensive option is from Walmart and retails for $18.99.

5. Monthly calendar

Sold by 80 Acre Market, this monthly calendar would help you never miss a zoom meeting again, and it could easily have a permanent place on your desk. It's currently on sale for $19.99 (previously $25.99).

6. Translucent sticky notes

If your job requires any annotation, you may want to look into translucent sticky notes, such as these from Office Depot, which retail for $2.99 a pack. Clear sticky notes allow you to write inside a book without ruining the pages or covering any words.

7. Mini vacuum

As you probably know, your desk can get dusty, and crumbs from snacks can easily make a mess.  An easy way to clean off your desk is with a mini vacuum, like this one from Walmart, for $8.70.

8. Fidget toy

You may benefit from a fidget toy if you are often lost in thought when brainstorming or in a zoom meeting. This one is sold on Amazon for $6.98.

9. Succulent plant

It's also important to add some simple decorations to your office space. A popular choice is a plant, which could either be real or faux. For a real option, check out this succulent sold by Lula's Garden for $30.

10. Pen holder

To keep your desk organized, you'll need places to store things like pens, pencils, and other small items. One option is a spinning pencil holder like this one from Amazon, which costs $10.99.

11. Paper file

If you work with physical documents, you could organize them with a paper file, such as this chic option from Bed Bath & Beyond. It's currently on sale for $18, marked down from $24.

12. Matching set

Or, if you often use smaller accessories like paper clips and rubber bands, you may want to get some extra holders. The above five-piece matching set is sold at Target and costs $25.99 (regularly $39.99).

13. Tiny pegboard

Another place you could store your smaller accessories and to-do lists are on a pegboard, such as this small model from Target, which costs $30.

14. Small catch-all

You may benefit from a catch-all disk if you often find items like loose change, keys, or paper clips around your home office. West Elm sells this sophisticated model for $65.

15. Floating shelves

Instead of a pegboard, you may benefit from floating shelves, which could be installed above your desk. These could hold functional tools or display decorations. Birch Lane sells these wooden shelves for $57 (on sale from $81).

16. Desktop shelves

Another option is a desktop shelving unit, such as this one from Amazon, that costs $25.99. This could be an easy storage solution for those who don't want to install shelves or a pegboard on the wall.

17. Wireless mouse

A wireless mouse is a staple in just about every home office. This chic style is sold at Target for just $19.99.

18. Mouse pad

And, if you get a mouse, you'll need a mouse pad. Leatherology sells this brown leather model for $35.

19. Desk mat

Or, if you want a mat for your entire desk, you could choose one like the above version sold by Journey for $129.99. This mat also has a charging station on the left side, perfect for all your small electronics.

20. Keyboard cover

Silicone keyboard covers, such as these sold on Etsy for $10, help reduce the annoying tapping noise of your fingers hitting your keyboard. This would benefit anyone who works from a laptop.

21. Monitor stand

On the other hand, if you use a monitor, you may benefit from a stand, which would provide more surface area underneath your monitor. This wooden and metal one costs $35.39 at Office Depot

22. Trash bin

Because you'll probably need to throw out scraps of paper or snack wrappers, placing a trash bin underneath your desk may be a good idea. This woven one is sold at Crate & Barrel for $39.95.

23. Smart mug

If you often forget about your hot coffee or tea while working, you may want to invest in a smart mug. This will keep your beverages at just the right temperature all day and can be purchased at Target for $99.99 online or $129.99 in-store.

24. Insulated bottle

Additionally, staying hydrated while working is essential, which is why everyone needs an insulated bottle. This Hydro Flask comes in many different colors and costs $49.95. 

25. Seat cushion

Because you'll be sitting for most of the day, an ergonomic chair cushion is crucial. You could test this one by Tempur-Pedic, which is sold for $89.