Deserving Design Star Vern Yip's Tips Will Transform Your Home Into A Relaxing Getaway

Consider the design of every hotel or resort you've ever stayed in: What did they have in common? Most likely, the walls were light neutral colors and the bedding and towels were pure white. Further, they probably made use of empty space, to avoid looking cluttered. Perhaps they also thought about how scents and sounds affected the atmosphere. And, all of these design attributes came together to make you feel more relaxed.

Vern Yip, star of the HGTV show "Deserving Design" and author of "Vacation At Home," believes that you don't have to wait until you're on vacation to be in a serene space. In his own words, "Instead of pining for those couple of weeks a year you're on vacation or at a resort, you should be pining to be at home. It should be the place that immediately restores you the minute you walk in the front door," per Live Kelly And Ryan.

By incorporating some of the design elements frequently found in hotels and resorts, you could feel at peace every time you enter your home. To help you achieve this, below are five of Yip's most important pieces of advice.

Focus on clean lines and spaces

Every hotel and resort focuses on making its spaces look clean. This is the reason why the towels and sheets are always white, as this tone is associated with purity. Therefore, to give your space a resort-like feel, Yip recommends cleaning up after yourself every time you leave a room — that way, when you return, your home will feel brand new, per Atlanta

Further, when designing the space, add furniture with clean, modern lines. In an interview with Asia Society, Yip says, "If there was one visual thread that usually pulls my projects together, it would be a commitment to cleaner lines." These will diminish any chaotic feelings and make the design appear much more streamlined.

And, because clutter can cause stress, you should minimize it as much as possible. As Yip says, "Visual pollution is jarring," per Atlanta. To get rid of clutter, Yip says to only keep certain items and make sure they are stored away. He says, "You need a purposeful and designated spot for each thing that you need and each thing that you love," per Live Kelly And Ryan. Along with this, also make use of closed storage containers, and decorate with larger but fewer items. 

Frequently change up your space

Staying at a resort is also exciting because the designs are brand new, as we've never seen or experienced them before. Therefore, to make your home feel like a hotel, change up the space by editing or rearranging your pieces. In an interview with Mpls St Paul, Yip says "One thing that a lot of people don't think about doing is to edit, which is free. Sometimes, it's even best to remove every single piece of furniture from a room to get a fresh perspective... Oftentimes, the biggest change you can make is just by editing and rearranging." This will help you appreciate the pieces you already have. 

Further, in an interview with Asia Society, Yip also recommends changing things up with paint: "Another idea is to employ a fresh color through paint... changing the color in a room is a wonderful way to give it new life." For a while, this new paint color will make you feel excited about returning home.

Fragrance is key

Hotels don't just focus on the visual — they also take note of how the space smells. Therefore, the fragrances you use in your home are key to making it feel like you're on vacation. In an interview with Mpls St Paul, Yip says this: "It's really important from a design standpoint that [the scents you choose are] making you feel the way you want to feel when you walk into your home." To get himself excited about returning to his home, Yip replaces his soaps and scents with the changing seasons.

On Live Kelly And Ryan, Yip provides some practical advice for adding fragrance to your space. He says that "organic components are a critical part of putting you in a relaxed, vacation-at-home mode. And it's impossible to substitute replicas for the real deal." He recommends adding preserved roses, which will last for several years, long-lasting flowers, an orchid plant, or a bowl of apples.

Another way to add fragrance is through candles. However, these may not be a great option for those with pets or kids, so an alternative is a fragrance diffuser, which will distribute your scent all day long, not just when it's lit.

Firm cushions, performance fabrics, and quartz countertops

Something else hotels focus on is choosing materials that are built to last and that don't need a lot of maintenance. Incorporating these pieces into your own home will allow you to live a less stressed lifestyle. On Live Kelly And Ryan, Yip says, "The stress of coming home and immediately being confronted with things that need replacing, maintaining, or cleaning can quickly take you out of relaxation and rejuvenation mode. I encourage homeowners to remove maintenance, as much as possible, from their to-do lists."

For instance, in a Q&A with guests on The Washington Post, Yip says that "the firmest cushion would be a high-density foam," which could be wrapped in down to make it softer. This will last longer than other types of cushions, so it will require less maintenance. He also recommends using things that won't stain, such as performance fabrics (which would allow you to purchase a light-colored couch), quartz countertops that don't scratch, and nylon carpets, (per Live Kelly And Ryan). And, you'll rarely have to replace another light bulb again if you choose LEDs, as they will last for about 22 years.

Familiarize yourself with soft lighting

Yip is a strong advocate for using LED bulbs with a soft, warm tone, or that are in between 2400 and 3000 Kelvin, per Atlanta. Yip believes that lighting is oftentimes the most important element in creating a space that feels like a resort. According to Villa Real Estate, Yip says, "Nine times out of ten, I think when people walk into a room and they like the ambiance, it's because the lighting has been done correctly." When lighting is too bright or cool-toned, it can ruin the design and make it feel less relaxing.

However, along with using soft lighting, Yip also believes that you should choose the right lamps, and he provides a few tips, per HGTV. To start, make sure the lampshade is the correct size, about two times the diameter of the base. Next, match the base of the lamp to your overall color scheme. If you need lots of light, choose a shade with a translucent or light color or a lamp with a metallic base. And, if you're not sure what shade to choose, a neutral drum is always a safe choice.