35% Of People Say This Is The Best Exterior For A House - Exclusive Survey

The exterior of your home can be what sets the tone and personality of your residence. As far as the first impressions of your property go, one look at the style, color, and choice of material can determine whether or not a person likes the home. 

If windows are considered the eyes of the home then the exterior would be the rest of the face — and what is used can help to signify what kind of personality the home has. Utilizing colors and textures that best suit the exterior and making it a design that matches well with your roof, doors, windows, and trims can improve the curb appeal of your home and make it more inviting, according to HGTV.

Structurally, the siding of your home provides protection for all its inhabitants and the fundamentals that go into keeping it sturdy and running smoothly. Covering the framework, insulation, and electrical — while keeping the elements such as snow, rain, and wind from entering your home — is all the more reason that you should pay attention to what material is shielding the façade of your house. 

Although there is a wide variety of both real and synthetic stonework or protective siding that can be used on the outside of your home, it would be ideal to know what people think is the most eye-catching. In an exclusive House Digest survey, we asked 612 people: Which type of exterior looks best on a house? Here are the results.

This popular material received the most votes

With 34.97% of the 612 votes, 214 people said that brick was by far the best looking exterior material. Brick has long been a popular choice for use in the building of homes and larger commercial units. Made of clay and shale, this material can be manufactured in all sorts of colors and sizes and its biodegradable makeup allows it to be eco-friendly, incredibly strong, and durable, according to Gambrick

Brick has a classic and timeless look to it which can please any homebuyer or homeowners palette. Also, with its weather-resistant, soundproofing, and energy-efficient properties, it can not only be pleasing to the eyes but also offer you the protection your home needs.

The second most popular choice was stone, which received 144 nods or 23.53% of the total votes. Whether you choose to incorporate real stone that is found in quarries or a synthetic stone veneer made of cement and polyurethane, it could provide a unique look to your home. Real stone façades can resist tough weather conditions and are a sustainable home-building resource, as per Rise. However, because of the process that comes along with producing stone for your house, the installation and overall costs may be more pricey than other home exterior alternatives.

Other exterior finishes that ranked well on our survey

Although brick and stone exteriors were the most popular choice, the added expense of this type of building material may cause some people to hesitate. Fortunately, there are more affordable options that still offer the same durability and protection but won't cost you a fortune. 

As the third best-looking exterior for your home, 95 people — or 15.52% of those surveyed — found that vinyl siding was the way to go. Vinyl siding can be found in most new home builds as it is inexpensive and long-lasting. It can be found in a wide variety of textures, colors, and even lengths so that you can customize the look and feel yourself. This type of exterior can be easy to maintain and repair and has a lifespan of up to 40 years, according to Crossover Roofing.

86 people — or 14.05% of the votes — picked wood siding as the fourth-best exterior for your home. Cedar wood is a popular choice when it comes to exterior siding as the natural oils in the wood help to repel snow, rain, and other moisture, as noted by Royal Homes. The wood can also be customized with your choice of stain or paint and is usually finished with a product that can make the natural material less flammable. However, it may need regular maintenance to prevent cracking.

Here's what rounded things out

Although these last two home exterior finishes weren't what most people thought of first in our survey, they sare still worth a mention as materials that can look great on the outside of the home. In fifth place with 58 votes — or 9.48% of the total — was stucco siding. This type of siding has more of a detailed and time-consuming application process is made of a mixture of cement, sand, water, and chemicals to increase its durability and strength, as per Forbes. Popular amongst Mediterranean and Spanish-style homes, this building material is versatile to use as it can be applied to even the most uniquely shaped or curved homes. The finishing touches can also feature detailed designs or patterns depending on the company that performs the installation.

Finally, metal siding was chosen by 15 people — or 2.45% of those surveyed — as the best-looking way to protect the outside of your home. Found in a wide variety of types like corrugated metal, standing seam, batten steel, or box ribbed, metal siding can last a long time, insulate your home against the elements — and even be less inviting to pests like termites or other wood-chewing critters, according to Bridger Steel. However, this siding material may have more upfront costs and after installation, and it can be prone to dents and actually change color over time which may not be ideal for most homeowners.