5 Savvy Ways To Create A Marvel-Inspired Kid's Room

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In recent years, Marvel has taken the fantastic world of comic books to the big screen, and fans cannot get enough. According to Britannica, Captain America first made his debut in 1941, and the world fell in love with comic books. The stories have just gotten better since then. Stan Lee created what we now know as the Marvel Universe in 1961, which features many characters we still know and love, including the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman.

Although several movies featuring Marvel characters were released in the 1990s and early 2000s, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also known as the MCU, really began with the release of Iron Man in 2008, states USA Today. After 14 years and 29 films, the MCU has solidified its place in cinematic history and our lives. If your child loves Marvel comics and movies, here are some ideas to create a room to inspire them to explore their superhero skills.

Choose a favorite character

Everyone has a favorite Marvel character, so as you work on your child's new room, find out who they like best and make it the foundation of the space. If your child loves Iron Man, consider a color palette that matches his famous red and gold suit. Marvel HQ reminds us that Tony Stark relies heavily on artificial intelligence, so consider giving your child their own "Jarvis" with Amazon's Echo Show, specially made for children with parental controls.

Captain America is another fan favorite, as well as the first Avenger. As red, white, and blue as the United States itself, a Captain America-inspired room could feature a focal point wall with stripes painted his signature colors. And, of course, no room would be complete without Cap's infamous shield. Whether your child's favorite character is the Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, or any other of the amazing characters, each member of the MCU has their own style and color scheme. Add accessories related to the character for the finishing touches on the space.

Avengers assemble — in a room

Can't choose just one favorite MCU character? Design your child's room around the whole team. As Screen Rant states, in the comics and by the end of "Avengers: Endgame," the Avengers included many superheroes. To keep your room simple, you can focus on the original six featured in the films: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Hulk, and the Black Widow. This wall decal from Amazon would make an exciting focal point for an Avengers-themed room.

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe grows and expands, we meet even more fascinating and powerful characters, like the Black Panther and the Scarlet Witch. Who you include in your Avengers room is totally up to you and your child, and Dr. Strange and the fun characters from Guardians of the Galaxy are all fantastic team members. It is probably best to keep Thanos out of the design — he's kind of a downer — but this infinity gauntlet is still pretty cool.

Add a touch of Marvel-inspired art

If you want to add superhero influences to your child's room without going all out, consider adding some Marvel-inspired art. There is no shortage of posters featuring our favorite superheroes, but you can elevate the design by looking for something a little more refined. For inspiration, check out the décor at the world's only hotel dedicated to Marvel-inspired artwork in Disneyland Paris. You will not find cheap poster prints there, just fascinating works of art.

Older children and teens might appreciate the more subtle approach to their favorite characters, like this unique set of watercolor prints featuring The Avengers. Another refined option is this retro-style wall art featuring Iron Man. For those budding engineers, a Stark Industries Blueprint would be a unique addition to a child's room. If you are looking for a work of art that is even more abstract, this Watercolor Avengers Canvas would be great anywhere in the house.

Display collectibles

It seems like children are constantly acquiring stuff. Some toys are to play with, and others might be items your child wants to display. Collectibles can create a lot of clutter, but Simple Home Simple Life has some advice for displaying collections. First, you need a place to put all those collectibles, so select shelving highlighting your child's favorite items. Hanging shelves are perfect for things you want to keep out of reach, but if you want your child to access their items, a simple white bookshelf may be all you need.

To keep collectibles from looking cluttered, keep like items together. Is your kiddo fascinated with Funko Pops? If so, create a dedicated shelf for these fun toys. There are even shelves like this one on Amazon specifically for displaying Funko Pops. Whether you are keeping collectible cups from the movie theater or action figures, make sure everything has a designated spot to keep it from looking messy.

Select subtle accents

A whole room design is fun, but it's also a commitment. Olamar Interiors suggests that for some, a theme should be secondary to the primary design of a room, but the extent to which you bring Marvel-inspired décor into your child's room is entirely up to you. How long do you think your child will be into these comic characters? We probably all know some adults with a lifetime love of superheroes, but sometimes kids will be ready to move on to the next thing rather quickly. If you suspect this is the case with your kiddo, but want to add some Marvel Cinematic Universe, just look for a few subtle accents.

There is a seemingly endless supply of Marvel-inspired home accents. Throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and lamps are all simple ways to incorporate the MCU into your child's room without spending much money. Wall decals are also inexpensive and easy to remove. Whether you do a major room makeover or add a few interesting pieces, make sure you and your child enjoy working together to create a space they love.