How To Steal Zedd's Open And Unique Home Style

Many know Zedd as a DJ and songwriter, via AllMusic; however, some may not realize that he has an interior design side to him as well. According to Architectural Digest, the musician took matters into his own hands when he decided to purchase his 9,400-square-foot estate by decorating the interior himself. Located in Beverly Hills, Zedd says he takes inspiration from architectural sites and social media apps such as Instagram. He describes his home as modern but with a slick feel. Yet, his estate almost didn't come to be. The producer stated that he initially wanted to tour the home to get ideas if he decided to build his own estate. However, once he drove through the gate and went inside, he knew it was the perfect place for him. 

One year and 10 visits later, the star decided to make it final and purchase the home that houses a rooftop, a pool, and a four-car garage. Like many stars who buy homes, he's actively working hard to make the space his own. In doing so, he's turning the garage into a large music studio. Since the residence is on 3.2 acres, he's also toyed with adding another studio, home, or even a bowling alley — the latter of which the starlight describes as a dream. With tons of natural space and unique aspects thrown in, here's how to steal Zedd's open and unique home style.

Create tons of space

Upon entering Zedd's home, one will first notice how much space there is throughout the entire estate. According to Architectural Digest, glass windows are installed as opposed to standard-sized ones. The ceilings are incredibly tall and skylighted, and there are thinner windows at the top of the walls adjacent to these ceilings. While many choose to have a table in the middle of the floors to fill up space, the producer takes the opposite approach. Many of his floors have no tables, furniture, or décor to enhance the open space concept. However, even in the areas that contain these items, there's still plenty of space to move around each of them.

To steal this specific design, you have to do more or less. Instead of adding furniture or décor to your home, take some out. Do you have an old table that doesn't get used? Donate it to a local thrift store. Of course, in living rooms and bedrooms, you'll need furniture. However, places such as the hallway don't need any at all. Once all the extra pieces are gone, rearrange what you have. According to Style By Emily Henderson, for more oversized furniture pieces, there should be between 30 to 36 inches between each item. If you do, however, want to add a bit or two, keep it on the smaller side.

Outdoor and indoor living

Along with the tons of space Zedd's home displays, he also wanted his home to have an outdoor and indoor feel. As per Architectural Digest, the star has a mini outdoor kitchen on the back patio of his estate. This kitchen houses a grill with a sink and a fridge installed on an island. On the other side of this island are a few bar stools so the star and his guests can enjoy a meal outdoors. However, to add to this type of living, Zedd has the same hardwood floors installed within the living room as he does the patio, where adjacent doors also reside. Elsewhere it has a separate master patio complete with a TV, fireplace, and sitting areas.

Creating this type of space is simple, as most have a setup like this one way or another. If you have a place in your home that opens up to another area outside, this is the perfect space to copy Zedd's home. Consider redoing the floor as he did to match the interior and exterior. Invest in an outdoor kitchen of some sort. You don't have to spend much on a fridge or a sink, and one grill with few features will be more than enough. As for seating, you can have a standard table and chairs instead of a bar. Remember, a little can go a long way.

Keep tones at a neutral stance

As opposed to many homes that display bright, bold colors, Zedd has his residence in a neutral stance, via Architectural Digest. While this is seen throughout his entire house, it can be most noticed in his bedroom, where wooden ceilings are installed. The fireplace, which matches the one in the living room and outdoor patio, is made of grey stone. Even his closets display this theme, as one contains dark wooden tones while the other is decorated in white. Elsewhere, one of his many bedrooms that he refers to as the "grey room" is illustrated mainly in dark and light grey tones to keep it muted.

Designing a home with a neutral setting like Zedd's is an effortless style to steal. All you have to do is refrain from decorating with bright tones. If your home is made of natural wood elements, leave them as they are. However, if an area is already a colorful shade, tone it down to something simpler, such as beige or white. April & Oak also recommend investing in rattan furniture. These are usually in natural shades and can be paired with specific aesthetics, such as a boho-themed room. In addition, subtle décor such as throw blankets or pillows should be simple. These are often available in basic shades like tan, white, or black and are just enough to enhance the natural setting of a room.

Add some unique touches

Tying into the outdoor-indoor living theme, Zedd states that his home was built around a tree, via Architectural Digest. While plants aren't unique on their own, a home centered around a tree certainly is. However, it's unfortunately dying, and once it does, the producer says he will replace it with an artificial model that will look exactly like the original one. Beside this tree is also an artsy hand holding his keys, so he knows exactly where they are. Located at the end of the hallway is perhaps the most unique aspect of his home. The star has a skittles machine that allows you to pick whatever flavor you desire.

While you don't have to buy a skittles machine to add a unique touch to your home, you can still copy this style by adding a bubble gum machine. Even though these machines aren't popular in stores as they once were, you're likely to find a model in an antique store if you look hard enough. Of course, the easiest way to add unique items to your home is to do so in décor aspects. Display the most random pieces you can think of on shelves. If you have large items, such as Zedd's handpiece, use them as an everyday object. This is such a customizable design that it can be created with almost anything. Like the gumball machine, you'll likely find pieces in antique stores.

Install as much technology as possible

Another one of the most common aspects of Zedd's home is how much technology it contains. As per Architectural Digest, a vacuum is installed under the cabinets in the kitchen and food preparation areas. The DJ states that if you drop any food or trash on the floor, you need to kick it in the vent, which goes through the central vacuum and into the server room. The star also states that once he's replaced the infamous tree with a faux model, he also plans on installing an iPhone charger — just in case he wants to charge his phone there. Nearby is a pad that can control the gate, cameras, blinds, lighting, and, of course, the home's temperature.

Not everyone can afford to install all the helpful gadgets Zedd's home contains. However, there are a few cheaper alternatives you can invest in as well. According to Apple, their iPad has a Home App that lets you control the lights within your home and other features, including locking your doors. These features, however, can be customized to fit your needs. Otherwise, there are apps you can install manually to control other specific devices. Ring states this is the case with their security cameras and doorbells. An alternative to Zedd's installed vacuum is a Roomba or similar robot vacuum, which can complete the same task at a much lower cost.