Inspiring Latinx Interior Design Influencers That You Should Be Following On Instagram

If you need to decorate your home or want to add some extra flair to an existing space, then there are various Latinx-owned home décor brands that you should check out. For those who might need a bit more of a helping hand, there are also Latinx-owned interior design studios that can craft entire stylish rooms. Of course, if you want to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and regularly be introduced to new ideas, then you may want to follow certain Latinx figures who are rather famous on social media thanks to their design-savvy ways. Frankly, you might be surprised by how popular influencers are on the internet these days.

"Through the pandemic, digital consumption has increased substantially and consumers spend more time on social platforms than ever," Ryan Detert, CEO of Influential, told Forbes. The social media expert also explained, "Influencers are an essential part of the current media landscape and as the country opens back up, the demand will likely only be greater."

With many social media celebrities having tens of thousands — or even more — devotees who are eager to click "like" on the latest décor-related tips, tricks, and trends, you may want to see what all the buzz is about when it comes to certain online professionals. That includes these inspiring Latinx interior design influencers that you should definitely be following on Instagram.

Mary Liz

Originally from Puerto Rico, Mary Liz, aka @marycasachic, currently lives in the United States and calls Nebraska home. With over 26,000 followers on Instagram, she shares images of her interior design talents that are both comfortable and chic. Granted, there's something else at the forefront of Liz's motivations and intentions. In a February 2021 post, she shared a photo of the art in her bedroom and gave her followers a piece of advice in the caption, writing, "Fill your house with things you love and make you smile..."

Liz also used a July 2020 post to explain, "I don't want my house (permanent or temporary), to be just a pretty space. I want it to tell a story and reflect the things I love ... to feel like home."

Although Liz occasionally takes social media breaks while traveling or moving, her content is always worth the wait. With a love of thrifted treasures and a keen ability to combine old and new items to create a cohesive space, this influencer's home is both enviable and inspirational. Just check out her gorgeous bedroom that features light tones, natural accents, cozy touches, and vintage art. Of course, you'll also want to take a peek at her sleek living room, which boasts dark walls, white furniture, and just the right amount of greenery. That's not to mention the kitchen in her former rental home that was small but stunning.

Zenia Olivares

Zenia Olivares, or @styleitprettyhome, is the creative mind behind an Instagram account with over 211,000 followers. Beyond that, she has a blog that's appropriately called Style It Pretty Home. In each online space, she gives her followers a regular glimpse at her interior design skills while renovating an older home that she's purchased. For instance, while showing off the transformation she performed on her fireplace with a video, she told her followers in the caption, "Our DIY fireplace makeover — PROBABLY the very first thing I knew I wanted to tackle in this house when we toured it. I dreamed of what this space could be — it's a sketch that turned into reality. I struggled with knowing if this is something I could do — if it would even turn out..."

Indeed, although Olivares admits that she's learning how to tackle various tasks throughout the process, she's more than willing to do what's needed to make her dream home a reality. As she does, she is surely inspiring others to do the same.

As for her interior design aesthetic, Olivares told Bloomscape about her appreciation for what plants can do for a space while also explaining to Mitzi, "My style is a cacophonous mix of many styles put together. I love color, texture, layering, and mixing many elements from different styles to create my own. My style is constantly evolving but layering and texture are always big in my spaces."

Maricarmen Valero

Another interior design influencer with a Puerto Rican background, Ezz Wilson lives in Portland, Oregon, which is where she continually perfects her home. Something that her nearly 13,000 Instagram followers seem to appreciate, she takes a holistic approach to her designs. Putting together spaces that benefit the residents' mental and physical health, she incorporates items that have been made using fair practices as well as Ayurveda-based beliefs and biophilic touches (i.e., plant life that melds with the interior), according to Domino.

"It's about trying to create a home that supports the mind, body, and spirit — and accomplishing that within your financial means without stressing yourself out about doing things perfectly," Wilson explained to Domino. "These changes really do take time, and some are expensive and not within the realm of possibility for everyone, but every little bit helps."

For Wilson, that mindset toward interior design has resulted in a home with soothing yet uplifting white walls, light-colored wood furniture, creative accents, and plenty of cozy details. If you find that intriguing, then you'll surely adore her lovely living room which feels airy and bright as well as the sitting nook that looks just as open and inviting. Following the same general formula and matching the rest of the home, Wilson's bedroom sticks with light tones and natural materials to create a welcoming and calming space while the same can be said of the bathroom, which features a charming clawfoot bathtub.

Monica Benavides

If you love an interior design aesthetic that looks like a million bucks but won't necessarily cost a fortune, then you should join the more than 19,000 people following Monica Benavides on Instagram. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, and living in Corpus Christi, her bold and eclectic approach is something that can be achieved on a budget. That's certainly an impressive feat considering Benavides' style leans toward the luxurious. She told The Bend, "My style is feminine glam meets modern traditional. I love bold florals, girly colors, and metallics juxtaposed with the hallmarks of traditional décor and design.

"Textiles, florals, art, and patterns are things I look to draw inspiration from when designing a space," Benavides also explained to The Bend. She went on to say, "I also love the thrill of the hunt for a perfect accessory or a unique piece of art to really make a room pop. I can often be found shopping at the local antique shops in town!"

Benavides' website, Monica Wants It, also notes that her style of interior design embraces classic details that are used in contemporary ways. With that in mind, she's achieved distinctively delightful spaces like a living room that is both hip and sophisticated as well as a home office that's slightly regal, incredibly chic, and fabulously funky.

Maca Atencio

Any one of the more than 50,000 people following Maca Atencio on Instagram will surely be able to tell you that both her social media account and her website have been deemed Hey Maca. With a Venezuelan background, Atencio lives in Montreal and is an interior design and DIY expert. In fact, she's so popular that she landed her own HGTV Canada show called "Paint School."

Atencio's fans and followers likely appreciate various aspects of the influencer's take on interior design, including her love of color — she tends to favor pretty pastel shades — and her ability to create a space that is both adorable and elegant. You can see that style in the sitting area in her studio, which boasts décor with soft shades and soft fabrics that all feature chic designs. Her office area is just as charming with a pastel-colored abstract mural and a desk that's suitably functional as well as alluringly artistic.

With former professional experience that involved marketing and sales, Atencio also focused on branded content. That, combined with a background in interior design, seems to have set her up perfectly to become an influencer. Indeed, she told HGTV Canada, "My brand is me. ... If you see a photo on my blog, it's me who took it, and it's something that I've been very attached to. And that's what I love about it. It's like, from my logo, my photos, my editing videos — everything needs to have like a little Maca touch."