15 Tips To Help You Efficiently Unpack After A Move

During the chaotic process of moving, you may not even consider what tasks need to be completed after arriving at your new home. And, while packing is perhaps the hardest task you'll have to face, unpacking comes with a whole new set of challenges.

Besides being a depleting amount of work, unpacking is also difficult because you are doing this work in an unfamiliar place (a.k.a. your new home) — and trying to decide where to put everything requires careful consideration. This is why, according to Organize Well, many homeowners end up procrastinating during the unpacking process. In fact, some fail to open all their boxes before moving, which could be years later. And, because cardboard boxes aren't built to protect possessions after the move, if you don't open them within a reasonable time frame, they could get damaged. Further, you may end up wasting money on pieces you already own that are hiding in storage.

With all this in mind, here are 15 tips to help you efficiently unpack all your possessions in your new home.

1. Label boxes while packing

This important step must be completed before leaving your first home: Label your moving boxes. How you go about it is your choice. Case in point: color coordinate by room, keep an inventory of all items in each box, and mark them by priority.

2. Bring each box to the right room

When emptying the moving truck, don't just pile every box into one area, as this will quickly feel overwhelming. Instead, bring each one to the right room immediately after taking it off the truck.

3. Unbox the most important items first

Your essentials box, which most likely includes items like toiletries, toilet paper, hand soap, a shower curtain liner, towels, a change of clothes, cleaning supplies, snacks, and office supplies, should be emptied out first.

4. Give your space a thorough cleaning

Before you start putting things away, give your home a thorough wipe down, as it may be quite dirty from the previous owners.

5. Tackle one room at a time

When unpacking rooms, work in one space at a time. Further, begin with the bedroom, one bathroom, and the kids' rooms. Later, you can tackle the kitchen and living room, the next two most important spaces.

6. Don't plug in the TV until later

Wait to plug in the TV until the most important rooms are unpacked. If you set it up too early, you may be tempted to procrastinate by watching a movie.

7. Leave less important spaces for later

While bedrooms and bathrooms are important, the garage and guest room probably won't be used for a little while. These spaces don't need to be unpacked for some time, so don't feel like you need to rush to get them done.

8. Hang and fold clothes right away

It may be tempting to dump unfolded clothes into the dresser or onto the floor of your closet. However, if you do this, it will be difficult to find the things you need later. Instead, try to be as organized as possible when unpacking your wardrobe.

9. Take the extra steps now

Go the extra mile — trust us, you'll thank yourself later. For instance, if you know you're going to want cabinet shelf liners, install them before unpacking items that go in the cabinet.

10. Place your furniture, rearrange later

Place your furniture where you think it will go, but don't put too much thought into it. Once everything is unpacked, you'll get a clearer sense of how certain rooms look and feel and be able to rearrange them as needed.

11. Fill a box with items that don't have a place

Because you're not totally familiar with your new home just yet, it may not be super obvious where certain items should be housed. If so, make a pile of random items and come back to them later.

12. Donate items you don't need

Perhaps you kept an entryway table from your last home, only to find out it's too big for the new space. If that's the case, this piece could be donated, as well as any other items you decide you don't need while unpacking.

13. Break down boxes as you go

If you don't break down boxes as you go, your space may start to feel claustrophobic, and you'll have less space to unpack. Breaking them down as soon as you empty them will allow you to stack them in a neat pile.

14. Have fun!

At the end of the day, unpacking shouldn't be torturous. While a lot of work, it should also be exciting, as you'll finally be in your new home. Play some music, get the family involved, and have some fun!

15. Unpack some personal pieces early on

While decorations aren't necessarily practical, hanging artwork on the walls or placing picture frames on shelves will truly make your space feel like home. Don't wait months to take these items out of storage.