What You Need To Know About The Laundry App Hampr

Laundry can be the bane of many people's existence, especially if you have a big family or get so busy that it piles up and you have to spend a whole day catching up. According to The Folde, people can spend up to 17 minutes a day doing laundry. That might sound small but it adds up to 119 minutes a week, and almost 8.5 hours a month! With so many apps on the market to make daily life easier, it's no wonder someone came up with an idea to help with this task. Per their official website, Hampr is a company that wants to take the stress out of clean clothes, making it easier for people to enjoy the perks of fresh fabrics without the effort involved in getting them there.

As with most convenient services out there, everything with Hampr is done through an app. The first step to getting started is to download this handy tool onto your phone or other devices, so you can take advantage of their easy system. The company defines themselves as a personal laundry service, which means users determine how they want their items handled. This takes the guesswork and worry out of allowing someone else to handle your belongings, since you might worry it won't be laundered correctly. Hampr ensures everything is done to customer's specifications and preferences. Read on for more information about the app!

How Hampr works

Hampr was designed to take the stress of doing regular laundry off of people's shoulders. Once you sign up for a membership, the team will send you hampers that they'll use to collect dirty items. Each hamper is antimicrobial, and you will receive four in total one week after registering with the app. They come with simple instructions, as well as individual QR codes. The idea behind the QR codes is that you can specify certain washing and/or drying instructions for the contents of each hamper, ensuring your clothing is taken care of to your requests. Preferences are entered into the app, and once you scan the QR code you can explain what you require of each load.

The company allows users to customize everything from the type of laundry detergent used to the water temperature in which items are washed. Once all of your clothes have been cleaned to your specifications, they will be returned folded and ready for wear. This unique system means your laundry will still get the VIP treatment you give it at home, but on someone else's clock. Hampr offers standard detergents and options, but the app gives you the choice to change or edit anything you want. Laundry Care Express notes that services which handle laundry give you more time to go about your activities without putting everything on pause to wash, dry, fold, and sort.

Laundry your way

Once you've sorted your laundry into separate loads, you schedule a pickup time on the app. Each hamper holds a single load, so make sure to take the time to place like items together to avoid any issues. You choose the time slot that works for you, and a washer will come grab your filled hampers. You can have them picked up from your home, place of work, or just about anywhere else, making it easier to schedule a time. They also offer contactless pickup, allowing you to leave hampers in any easily accessible spot at your home so that you won't even need to be present. According to Jungle Works, contactless interactions are more popular than ever, and help people to feel safe, which is why the company offers so many different pickup options.

Another perk of using Hampr is the turnaround time, which the company boasts to be one day. If your life is consistently busy, some loads can take days if not weeks to get done. With this app, you only have to worry about separating items into their correlating category. From there, someone else handles everything else, and washers have even been trained by pros on how to fold and deliver clothing so it stays fresh and wrinkle free. If laundry is your least favorite task, this company might become your new best friend — or at least your favorite app.