The Best Black Friday Deals At Home Depot In 2022

Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on holiday presents at, perhaps, the lowest cost possible. Almost every retail chain takes part in this unofficial holiday — including hardware stores such as Home Depot. According to Black Friday, this popular retail chain's sale begins on November 24 and spans all the way until November 30. Additionally, you can snag these savings both in the store and online. However, it should be noted that all Home Depot stores will be closed on November 24 in observance of Thanksgiving Day — though online operations will work as scheduled. Doors will then open the next day on November 25, 2022 at 6 AM.

Free delivery will also be available during this time as well, and some select items may also come with free assembly. Of course, this can vary based on a number of factors including locations and availability. Many of their most popular items will be on sale including appliances, electronics, tools, holiday decor, and other items. From refrigerators to doorbells, let's look at some of the best Black Friday deals Home Depot has to offer.

Samsung's french door refrigerator

Starting off, Home Depot has this Samsung refrigerator available for $1,498; depending on your region, this gadget usually goes for $2,199. Spanning 70 inches in height, 35.75 inches in width, and 35.4 inches in depth, it contains a French door design. Reviewed states this is one of the most stylish looks you can invest in for a refrigerator — although, it should be noted that each specific design can vary from one model to the next. This one in particular contains two doors at the top half for the refrigerator section and one large pull-out drawer at the bottom for the freezer area.

The fridge is finished with a fingerprint-resistant design and contains high-efficiency LED interior lighting. Within the freezer is an ice maker that can house up to 5.5 lbs. of ice while the fridge houses adjustable shelving and all-around cooling features. Upon purchase, the Samsung cannot be returned; however, it does come with a 10-year warranty on parts as well as a five-year warranty on labor on areas including the compressor, condenser, drier, connecting tubing, and evaporator.

Currently, this refrigerator has a 4.4-star rating based on over 2,000 reviews as well as a recommendation rate of 78%. Most of these reviews are on the positive side with one consumer stating that this model was the best purchase they ever made. They went on to add they love the space it offers as well as how quiet it runs.

LG Electronics front-load washer

Home Depot also sells an LG Electronics washing machine for $798 -– a step down from the original cost of $1,149. With a front-load feature, this model can be stacked on top of a dryer (or the included pedestal) to raise it taller. Top 10 Reviews recommends using the latter to help bring the operational design closer to you and easier to reach. Available in either a white color or graphite steel, AI technology is included to help sense the number of clothes within the machine, select the right cycle, and control many other features.

While being large in size, this washing machine can fit up to 20 lbs. of clothing as it houses a 4.5-cubic foot drum. However, you can also wash smaller loads as this appliance is said to use less water and energy than traditional models. Of course, there are many other features included such as a speed wash cycle that cleans loads in less than 15 minutes and a cold wash option to save more energy. This washing machine has a 10-year warranty.

Out of over 1,800 reviews, this appliance has received a 4.5-star rating and a recommendation rate of 89%. Most of these reviews are positive with one customer stating that they enjoy doing their laundry and love all of the customizable features installed. They added that they would highly recommend this machine to others.

LG Electronics electric dryer

To go along with the washing machine, Home Depot also has this dryer on sale for Black Friday. Also made by LG Electronics, it usually sells for $1,149 but can be purchased during this sale for $798 -– although price may vary depending on location. This dryer is electric, which CNET says will allow for an easier installation as well as overall low maintenance requirements. Available in either graphite steel or white, this appliance houses a 7.4 cubic foot drum, allowing you to dry more clothes at once. AI technology lets you to control your gadget on your smartphone as well as allows the dryer to select different features and settings based on cycles.

Additionally, there are a few indicators installed that will let you know when the ducts are clogged or when filters need to be cleaned. The dryer door is made of tempered glass and can be adjusted to either a right or left swing. After some cycles, the appliance is said to run for about three hours at the end to prevent wrinkles from appearing on clothing. A one-year parts and labor warranty is included with the purchase.

With nearly 1,000 reviews, this dryer boasts a 91% recommendation rate as well as 4.6-stars. One reviewer stated that they've had their model for over a week with no regrets; they added that they enjoy all the customizable settings and features that are installed.

Ring's HD wireless doorbell

To add some protection to your home, Home Depot has this Ring doorbell on sale for Black Friday for $139.99; usually, it sells for nearly $200. Smart Home Guide recommends investing in this device to help protect your home from violence such as vandalism and burglaries. Equipped with an 1080p-HD camera, you have the option of storing both videos and photos directly onto your smart device. The motion detection feature sends you a notification when someone arrives at your door, too. Additionally, this gadget is equipped with two-way talking as well as preset responses including one that instructs the visitor to leave their own message. However, you will need a subscription plan to do so. 

You can adjust the doorbell to focus on certain areas as well as a night vision to let you see in the dark. It's powered by a rechargeable battery that can be removed to be charged. It's also designed to work with Alexa-enabled devices so you can hear announcements or instruct Alexa to perform tasks on the Ring device. A lifetime purchase protection is included with the purchase as well as a one-year limited warranty on parts.

Based on over 700 reviews, Ring's doorbell has a 4.5-star rating and a recommendation rate of 82%. One consumer stated that they were able to have their doorbell installed within 10 minutes without the use of any external hardware as everything needed is included.

Google's nest thermostat

Finally, another useful gadget you can purchase at Home Depot on Black Friday is Google's nest thermostat. It's included as a the top pick on The New York Times list of best smart thermostats. Costing only $179 on sale, it usually retails for $249. With six different colors including stainless steel, white, and brass, this device can be controlled from any smartphone with the Nest app. Smart detectors are installed that alert the thermostat when you are away from home, allowing it to set an eco-temperature mode to save energy. Additionally, it can learn your schedules to auto-adjust temperatures to your liking (which can also save energy).

HVAC monitoring features are equipped to send you a notification when something is wrong and let you know when you need to perform basic maintenance such as changing the air filter. This gadget can also work with Alexa, Google, or other compatible devices, allowing you to control the thermostat with the sound of your voice. A two-year limited manufacturer warranty is available with purchase for parts only.

With nearly 14,000 reviews, the nest thermostat has a 4.8-star rating and a 95% recommendation rate. One reviewer stated that this device was easy to install and the app is very easy to use; they added that it works and looks great. Another chimed in and said that they've had their device for over a week and it still works well.