12 Rustic Vases Perfect For Displaying Fall Flowers

When summer ends and fall rolls around, you might find yourself eager to embrace sweater weather, meals filled with harvest goodies, and interior design accents with an aesthetic that suits autumn. If you're intrigued by the latter, then you might want to indulge in seasonably fitting rustic décor.

In order to do just that, you'll want to focus on items that are imperfect and practical, yet still stunning thanks to their natural character, according to Vevano Home. That includes earthy materials like stone, wood, or anything organic. On top of that, rustic items tend to boast comforting designs and details that might be somewhat rough around the edges. Mahsa Gholizadeh, the interior designer behind Design by Mahsa, explained, "Rustic interior design is a popular style due to its use of raw and simplistic natural elements. The goal is to bring life to a space with inspiration being drawn from mountain living and vintage styles."

Martha McNamara, Director of Design and Product for Vevano Home, also pointed to some specific options, saying, "Rustic emphasizes simplicity and comfort in all elements. A fireplace, comfy furniture, soft throws, and a tasteful antler piece will go a long way in achieving that mountain-style look." Adding vases to your space that are filled with the kind of plants that you might spot during autumn is another great way to enhance this specific kind of atmosphere. Check out these rustic vases that are perfect for displaying fall flowers.

Artisan handcrafted terracotta vases

Meant to give off the impression of ancient items that were found buried in the sand, these artisan handcrafted terracotta vases from Pottery Barn feature contemporary designs with an aged look. Ranging in size and price — they're anywhere from $59 to $349 — you may want just one or all of these vases.

Mesa handcrafted terracotta ceramics collection

Both crafted and painted by hand, Pottery Barn's Mesa terracotta ceramics collection features vases with both a glazed green section as well as an almost sand-colored matte portion. The combination gives it a unique look that works perfectly with the slightly rough texture. Depending on the size you want, these vases cost $79 to $99.

Fairfax handcrafted terracotta vases

With details that have been painted by hand, the Fairfax handcrafted terracotta vases are made to look like old jugs which is why they include simple yet stylish handles. If this is the perfect option for your home, then you can find them at Pottery Barn for anywhere from $39.50 to $99.

Rattan open woven vases

At $129 to $169, Pottery Barn's Cecily open woven vases may be a little pricier than some other options, however, that's because they're on the larger side. Made of rattan and water hyacinth, they're not ideal for flowers that are in soil or water, but you can add dried or faux plant life to these vases.

Distressed gray terracotta vases

Coming in a trio of sizes, these distressed gray terracotta vases that boast a stone-like exterior come as a set which means that you can display them together or in various spots around your home. Available at Target for $32.99, you might also be able to nab them on sale for $24.74.

Carved cream vase

A watertight terracotta piece that's both rustic and artistic, the carved cream vase is available at Target for $35. If you want something that's not quite as big or would love a matching piece, then you'll be thrilled to find out that there's also a smaller version of the vase that sells for $25.

Modern brown ceramic vase

Target's modern brown ceramic vase has both a square base and curved corners at the top which gives it a unique and eye-catching shape. While the finish adds a bit of a shine, it also creates an organic look. Regularly available for $25, it can be found on sale for $17.50.

Rough black vases

Another surely temptingly rustic trio — although each piece is sold separately — the rough black vases from West Elm have a stone-like finish in a dramatic black color that makes them look like slate. Each a different size and shape, you'll need $140 to $180 in your budget to pick up one of these vases.

Partially painted ceramic vases

Thanks to the white paint that's been roughly added to these rustic vases from West Elm, the pieces will work well in a light space despite the darker ceramic base. Crafted to stand the test of time and available alone or as a set, you could pay anywhere from $30 to $60 for this décor.

Keraclay coil vase

The Keraclay coil vase is the work of Virginia Felix, an artist who can be found working in Brooklyn, New York. Available at West Elm for $425, this ceramic piece which is made by hand incorporates both a unique design and a textured rusty brown surface that gives it a distinctive rustic look.

FALLENHET bucket vase

IKEA's FALLENHET bucket vase by designer Iina Vuorivirta captures a rustic country charm and puts a chic contemporary spin on the design with a sleek and somewhat shiny white finish. Costing just $9.99 for the single piece, you might want to add the matching SOCKERÄRT pitcher vase which you can grab for $11.99.

Farmhouse metal milk can vase

Designed to resemble vintage milk cans that have been worn by use over the years, these rustic farmhouse-style vases are made of purposefully dinged-up galvanized metal. The set of two is sold for $152, however, if you buy them separately, the smaller piece is regularly $52 while the larger one is $110.