How Much Does It Cost To Put In A Double Oven?

A couple had a new double oven put in and was using it for the first time. Noticing a cheering sound coming from the kitchen, one partner went to see what was going on. "The ovens are fan-assisted!" they replied from the kitchen. (Nothing wrong with starting with a little humor, right?) 

Let's talk for real about double ovens for a moment. Why are they so great? According to Kitchen Infinity, double ovens, which incidentally are also called wall or dual ovens, work splendidly for busy households and large families. For example, let's say you have a two-parent household and both of you work separate schedules, plus you've got a couple of kids that have various school and extracurricular activities. Since you want to be able to cook homemade, healthy meals for the ones you love, a double oven could be a great solution. This way you can make more food at once, and then your family members can eat home cooked meals whenever they want — just heat and eat!

Or, perhaps you have a multi-family household, or five hungry kids at home, as opposed to just two. Maybe you just love to cook and bake, throw dinner parties, or maybe you're the designated cook for the holidays, and you could really use a double oven. Whatever your reasons are, you're ready to start looking at costs. This is where we come in, to help make your life just a little bit easier. We've put together some information to give you an idea of the cost involved, as well as other things to consider when buying an oven.

Double oven range or dual wall oven?

Speaking of holidays, it's that time of year again, and it has many of us scrambling to get our holiday baking done. According to the Wirecutter, if you have just 30 inches you can spare for a regular oven, there's an option for a double oven instead! But, before you run out and buy one, there's a couple of different types to consider. Aside from double oven ranges, there's also dual or double wall ovens, and they're different. Which kind you get is largely dependent on the space you have, and of course, your personal preference and needs. There's a few important things to know about the main differences between the two. The biggest is the space they require, since a double oven range is doable with the same amount of space a regular oven uses, whereas a dual wall oven is built into the wall and requires much more space.

The double oven range is more popular for this reason, but just know you'll be dealing with a smaller oven on top — great for things like frozen pizzas, baking cookies, and casseroles — and one on the bottom, which is larger, but still not full-size. Still, you can cook a 20-pound turkey in it, but that's going to be at max capacity. You'll also be giving up that handy storage drawer often found underneath a regular oven. On the other hand, dual wall ovens are placed at the perfect height, and they're both full-size ovens. Double oven ranges are great appliances as they include a stovetop range, so there is a lot of versatility and convenience. Both types of double ovens are available in gas, electric, and sometime dual fuel. Though more expensive, dual wall ovens have obvious advantages, as well.

Cost range of double ovens

According to KitchenSeer, with double ovens, you're looking at an average cost range of anywhere between $1,200 and $3,000, whether it's a range or built into the wall. Of course, like anything else, the cost depends on many things, such as features, models, and brands. Let's take a look at a few different models to give you a better idea of price ranges on the options out there. 

You can choose what they call an "entry level" double oven range (freestanding) for around $1,100 to $1,500, and this includes the 30 inch model we discussed earlier (via HowdyKitchen). You can move up to a 30 inch built-in wall model for about $2,600. Then there's the Flex-Duo, another option that basically combines two ovens in one. This version allows you to use it as a regular full-size oven, or split it into two sections for separate temperatures and settings. This one from Samsung comes with a price tag of about $3,400, and additionally boasts an air fryer, smart dial, plus an induction range. Another example is the oven pictured in the image above, which is called a slide-in, due to the fact that it's made to slide in-between cabinets or other appliances for a more seamless appearance. As you can see, there are lots of options and features to choose from, and keep in mind, high-end models can reach $6,500 or more.

Double oven value vs. single oven value

Although it might seem like an easy difference, more isn't always better. One of the obvious reasons you might want to purchase a single oven instead of a double oven is the cost difference. Looking at single ovens now, the average cost range for a single convection oven is $930 to $2,050, per HomeAdvisor. Additionally, you simply might be a small household and don't cook big meals often, but are trying to figure out if a double oven is worth it for occasions when you do host bigger gatherings. You might want to consider a freestanding double oven, as you can enjoy the dual oven cooking benefits and the price is comparable, plus you can fit it into the space where a regular single oven would go. The top oven is smaller than the nearly full-size bottom oven, so it's perfect for most meals in a small household, and the smaller oven heats up faster and uses less energy than a regular full-size oven.

But if money is a big concern and you don't have much space, a single oven might be better. The main thing to know is there are multiple options that fit nearly every budget and preference. Gas ovens are slightly more expensive than electric ovens, but despite their popularity, electric ovens are still prevalent. According to the LG website, a cost comparison of single versus double gas ovens shows that you can get a single freestanding gas smart oven with air frying capabilities for around $1,000, while a smart freestanding double gas oven range costs about $1,100.

Cost range of installation

There are also the installation costs to consider when putting in a double oven. According to CostOwl, a simple installation of a double oven range that fits in the same space as the existing one, and has the same hook-ups, should cost about $100 to $200, but can quickly increase if there are other alterations, or you're switching from electric to gas, etc. A dual wall oven installation is much higher, at a national average of $1,700 per oven, according to Porch. Additionally, the total estimated cost for labor and materials, per oven, is listed as a range of $1,225 to $2,597. As you can see, the cost of installation can be significant, and must be included when determining your budget.

Not all people will need professional installation though — it all depends on the model you choose and the level of expertise required. For another opinion on these prices, HomeAdvisor says the price range for installing a new oven is anywhere from $350 to $15,000. This seems a little more accurate of a price range, since there are so many variables. But it's important to note some additional costs that can occur. One thing that affects installation cost is the distance the unit has to travel from the delivery truck, and whether it has to go up or downstairs. But the biggest concern is if you're switching from electric to gas, or vice versa. This will significantly increase costs of installation. Adding gas lines alone will cost you anywhere from $260 to $760. These are a few of the common installation costs that definitely should be considered when putting in a double oven.

Gas, electric, or dual fuel?

Though we've talked a lot about the existence of these options, we haven't really explored them in depth. There are of course pros and cons of each, so let's briefly talk about them. According to Don's Appliances, gas wall ovens allow for food and recipes to be juicier and more moist. If using an electric oven, they suggest cooking the same meal with a baking sheet of water in the bottom, as this will keep things from drying out. Electric ovens have a much more exact temperature setting, and are considered more accurate, modern, and simpler to use, but many cooks prefer cooking with gas, and some say it's less expensive to run, over time. Really, it all comes down to personal preference.

However, there's obviously a significant amount of people who would just prefer a gas stovetop, but an electric oven — and there's a solution for that, too! It's called a dual fuel oven, or duel fuel range (via Appliances Connection). Dual fuel ovens bring you the best of both worlds, commonly equipped with fan-assisted convection heating in the electrically-controlled temperature of the oven, while giving you the perks of having gas burners on the stovetop. According to PropertyNest, serious chefs prefer the gas range because of its ability to reach the desired heat output quickly and efficiently, as well as distributing the heat in an equal manner. Dual fuel double ovens can get quite expensive, however, running easily from $2,000 to over $12,000 (via Home Depot). Installation for these units will be much higher, as well, due to the additional hookups and alterations that will need to be made.

Double oven pros

We've discussed many double oven pros already, but here are a few more from HowStuffWorks. We know that although more isn't always better, when it comes to oven space, not many of us would turn down more of it! Double ovens, regardless of what kind you get, are wonderfully convenient to have when you need them. They come in many different types and models, and there are so many features that it's tough to find any reasons not to buy one! It seems there's a version to fit nearly every need, preference, and budget.

You can cook two different dishes at once, at two different temperatures, and then keep one warm while the other finishes cooking. You can broil in one and toast or bake in the other. Make a multi-course meal, then pop a pie or cake — or both, for that matter — in the oven to bake, while you eat. If you have kids, baking enough cookies for a classroom or a bake sale is no longer an all night event! If you're renovating your kitchen, you'll definitely want to look into the different types of double ovens.

Double oven cons

When it comes to the cons of a double oven, there aren't too many to consider. However, according to Consumer Reports, there are a few. For one thing, the more popular models, such as freestanding ranges, typically have the larger, bottom oven quite low to the ground. This means when you're doing a lot of cooking, you'll also be doing a lot of bending! Another thing to consider is that with a single oven, you usually get a separate broiler or storage drawer for your pots and pans. But with a double oven, you'll be giving that up.

Yet another thing is, of course, space and budget, due to the fact that a double oven is more expensive than a single oven, and many times takes up more space (especially if you go with a wall oven). What you decide is ultimately dependent on your personal specifics in these categories. Certainly, a double oven is not for everyone, and there are those who would argue that they wouldn't use it enough to justify the cost increase. It's important to study brands and features to ensure you get the best value for your money. Some double ovens perform better than others, and some are not as durable or reliable. As with any large purchase, be sure to thoroughly research the options in your price range before making a decision.

Best brands and models of double ovens

According to Simply Recipes, there are a few double ovens that stand out from the rest. When reviewing dual wall ovens and double oven freestanding ranges, they've separated categories by gas and electric, and the top performing brand in electric is the Cafe Smart Double Oven Induction Range. Cafe is a top-end performing brand in double ovens, and this one has many great features and sells at Home Depot for a price tag of $4,048. It has 6.7 cubic feet of oven space and self-cleaning function, plus it uses induction heating for the stovetop. It's a slide-in model, so it's made to fit between existing cabinets and looks amazing. Their top pick for gas ranges is the LG 30 inch Double Oven Gas Range, which costs just $1,098 at Home Depot. This gem has ProBake Convection, a 10-minute EasyClean feature, and boasts 6.9 cubic feet of oven space, all at a terrific price.

Designer Appliances reviews the best dual wall ovens, so we can get a good variety for you presented here. They list their top pick for innovation as the Samsung 30 inch NV51K7770DS, sold by them for a price of $3,399. This is a fantastic price for a good dual wall oven, and provides 10.2 cubic feet of oven space, double convection heating and steam bake, and a self-cleaning feature. For best performance, we see once again the Cafe brand, with model CTD70D-P2NS1, a dual wall oven at a good price of $4,192.

Important features to look for

Our cost guide wouldn't be complete without looking at some common optional features in dual wall ovens. Depending on what features are most important to you, here are some common cool ones to look for in today's dual ovens (via Abt). The first is convection, which we know is the superior fan-assisted method of oven cooking. The feature is available in gas, electric, and dual fuel models. An air fryer is another available upgrade, and uses the convection fan to create the air-frying environment. This innovative feature allows you to use heated air to fry what you would normally deep fry in oil, providing a wonderfully delicious and healthier alternative. Steam cooking is another feature many ovens have, which is an appealing option for further healthy cooking options.

Speaking of innovation, infrared grilling systems are available, offering fast broiling and high-heat cooking. Self-cleaning versions mean you never have to deal with burnt-on messes, and cleaning your oven is as easy as wiping it down. This is a must-have feature for cooks today. Smart oven technology allows you to access the controls on your oven from anywhere, so you can literally have the oven preheating (or dinner cooking) while you're on your way home! If you're still learning to be a master chef, try guided controls that walk you through the steps of cooking whatever you choose. Don't forget full-extension gliding racks, for smoothly sliding in and out heavy dishes. Lastly, removable doors and bottoms make deep cleaning your ovens a breeze, especially when you have two of them! Although double ovens can be a significant purchase, you can see how they can make your life easier.