The Best Products At Walmart To Help You Organize Your Workspace

When stocking up on supplies for your home office, Walmart may be the best place to go. This is because, as ABC15 Arizona points out, when compared to competitors like Target and Staples, Walmart consistently has the cheapest prices on items like notebooks, pencils, and index cards. Further, it's usually easy to find what you're looking for in this big box retailer as their merchandise is clearly categorized. For instance, all their office supplies are found in the same area of the store, as opposed to scattered throughout. 

However, once you've purchased all the pens, pencils, and paper clips on your list, you'll then need to sort and store them in an orderly fashion. To help you create a tidy workspace, we've gathered five of Walmart's best organizational products. Each of these pieces has over 4 stars on Walmart's website and costs under $25 when purchased online. For your convenience, they're also arranged from the cheapest to the most expensive. 

Pen + Gear clear storage bins

Let's start with some insightful advice that will help you organize your workspace: Keep small items inside their own containers. Rather than storing your paper clips and rubber bands together, separate them out. Additionally, the best kinds of containers are stackable, so you can use the most vertical space possible, and clear options so you can see what's inside.

To this end, check out Pen + Gear's small clear bins with secure lid clips. When purchasing online, one of these containers costs $1.24, and a group of six costs $4.95. While many of the reviewers used these to hold children's school supplies like crayons, they'd also be great for items like sticky notes and extra staples, but keep in mind that they aren't big enough to hold things like pens and pencils. Out of over 150 reviews, these bins received 4.4 stars. Many praised these boxes, saying that they were easily stackable, durable, sturdy, and perfect for organizing various types of small items. Others complained that they were a bit flimsy and too tiny.

Pen + Gear pen holder

Perhaps you're looking for something to hold your pens, pencils, and other larger items. If so, Pen + Gear also makes a chic pen cup that's sold at Walmart. Such items are important because they keep everything accessible, make your workspace appear more neat, and don't take up much space. Further, because they come in a number of sizes and colors, they can easily be customized according to each person's preferences.

This specific option comes in four colors; while the aqua, black, and light blue versions cost $2.97, the white one is $3.74 when purchased online. This minimalist holder has two compartments — one that's larger and one that's more narrow — which can help you keep a variety of writing utensils orderly. With over 140 reviews, it received 4.8 stars. Some said that it was durable, sturdy, and easy to clean, and many loved the non-slip rubber on the bottom of the container. The only negative comment was that it is quite small.

Rolodex desk caddy

If you'd rather combine the benefits of small bins with a pen holder, check out desk caddies. These containers help workers keep each of their items in a designated space. Unlike a pen holder which is much smaller, desk caddies have spaces for everything from scissors to small notebooks and more. To choose the right one for you, think about the supplies you use on a regular basis.

If you use a variety of different supplies of different shapes and sizes, you may like the Rolodex mesh black caddy. This oval-shaped organizer has many compartments, including one drawer. For $11.69 on Walmart's website, many reviewers agree that this durable container is well worth the money — and it even has a 10 year warranty. Out of over 150 reviews, this product has 4.7 stars. Some said that it's well balanced, convenient to use, and was larger than expected, while others complained that it arrived damaged and that they wish it had even more compartments.

The Home Edit drawer organizer

If your desk has drawers, it stands to reason that you'll definitely need some type of drawer organizer; something like this is key to easily being able to find what you're looking for. Without any, all your smaller items will get jumbled together, and it will take you longer to complete simple tasks. To organize your drawer, empty it out, declutter, sort, and then place similar items in each of their own containers.

Those looking for an easy-to-adjust and well-made solution should look into The Home Edit's six piece clear drawer system, which costs $15.98 on Walmart's website. This product has removable dividers and each piece can be nestled into the others. With 145 reviews, it received a perfect 5-star rating. Many said that it was extremely sturdy, a great value, and seemed like it would last a long time. However, make sure you measure your drawer before purchasing, as some shared that the compartments were too tall. 

Efinny accordion paper file

Everyone, no matter who you are or what you do for a living, has paper clutter in their home office. Bills, notices, mail, and other items are always building up, usually on your desk or another surface — and they need to be stored in an organized fashion. One option you could test out is an accordion file system, which is great for those who need their papers to be portable. However, keep in mind that these products do have space limitations and aren't always easy to flip through when searching for a document.

If you're looking into purchasing one of these organizers, check out Efinny's 24 pocket accordion filing system, which retails for $23.99 online. Because each pocket expands to hold 10 inches of paperwork, this product is quite useful. Further, according to Walmart's website, it's made out of high-quality waterproof plastic. With over 200 reviews, this product earned 4.8 stars. Those who loved it said it was convenient to use and holds up nicely.