The Best Products At Lowe's To Help You Organize Your Workstation

When it's time to get to work, whether for a remote position or a role as the household manager/scheduler, everyone has an environment and method that works for them. An empty surface, tidy piles, or chaotic clutter — you understand what's most conducive to your productivity. Yet, there are dueling schools of thought regarding desk and workspace organization styles. According to Reader's Digest, a messy desk is a metaphor for a creative thinker. They claim that though a clean and neat space is the typical expectation, it breeds conventionality. On the other hand, Inner Drive says an uncluttered workspace enhances focus, motivation, and output; while lowering stress levels and the penchant for procrastination. 

Regardless of your organizational style, or lack thereof, no one wants to waste time searching for important papers, or paying late fees for lost bills. To that end, professional staffing service Robert Half advises assigning a section of the desktop as a no-parking zone so it's always free to work on without a time-consuming shifting of items. In addition, keep frequently used supplies readily at hand. Lastly, utilize digital applications to reduce paper and stay on track with meetings, to-do's, and payments, for example. 

Here are five products available from Lowe's to help you save some time, desktop space, and mental energy, no matter the working arrangement preferred — so you can get on with the important stuff.

Mind Reader Three-tiered Desk Organizer Tray

For the paper pushers, a file sorter is practically a requirement for organization and a tidy workstation. The Mind Reader Three-tiered Desk Organizer Tray combines three flat stacked shelves with two vertically divided sections for efficient use of limited space. Mesh steel wire construction allows light to pass through, making the unit appear light and delicate; while particular items are easier to find.

The lemon yellow adds a burst of color and personality to a staid office atmosphere, as will the available turquoise, red, pink, and lime green; or opt for simple silver, white, or black. Yet, according to CDI Spaces, in office design, yellow promotes creativity and confidence. The featured organizer is sold for $29.99, with the remaining color options similarly priced, and there's no assembly required. In addition to office functions, Lowe's recommends the tray for organizing mail, documents, and menus at home.  

Mind Reader Desk Organizer

Junk drawer no more with the Mind Reader Desk Organizer. Seven handy sections make space for all the necessary little things that are easily misplaced, like pens, highlighters, thumb drives, and other miscellaneous supplies and accessories. Corral paper clips, rubber bands, staples, etc. in the pull-out drawers and front compartments; plus stow your phone (or a calculator) in the big compartment. 

Robert Half recommends a clutter-free and organized environment for better focus and time efficiency. In addition, they suggest giving your keyboard, work surface, and phone frequent wipe-downs; this organizer's the perfect place to store some packaged disinfecting wipes in plain sight, where you'll remember to use them.

Lightweight, durable, and portable, the unit is made from black mesh steel that allows you to find items quickly and take notice of what may be running low. Rubber feet will keep it from sliding around on your work surface. It's available for $19.04 and needs no assembly.

Elegant Designs Natural Wood Tiered Desk Organizer

If you're looking for one piece that can do it all beautifully, consider the Elegant Designs Natural Wood Tiered Desk Organizer. The organizer features a combination of differently-sized cubbies on the top level, as well as the side, while two shelves allow space for larger items. House anything from push pins, stamps, bulldog clips, and markers, to staplers, mini note pads, mail, and files in the versatile slots. The whole piece rises above the desktop on sturdy legs, so you can store yet more below it, or leave it empty to create a clean, floating effect. 

The natural wood (also available in a whitewash finish) and boxy form are perfect for farmhouse, rustic, mid-century modern, and industrial decor styles. Just Creative claims a wood element is an essential Feng Shui addition to office space, especially one possessing metal, rather than wooden, furniture. It's a natural material and encourages creativity and inventiveness. The organizer shown is made of Asian hardwood and sells for $54.99 in either finish.

Mind Reader Hanging Wall File Organizer

Claim extra storage from unused wall space with the Mind Reader Hanging Wall File Organizer. In a small office area, it's even more important to go vertical when creating storage solutions. Six compartments offer organization for the myriad of papers important to our work and home lives. Sort mail, documents, magazines, flyers, and menus, among other items; plus, there's a convenient designated shelf for extras like sticky notes and pens. Or create a physical prioritizing strategy for your projects, utilizing color-coded files or labeling each division accordingly. Prioritizing helps to ensure deadlines are met and affords more intention for other tasks per Indeed

Constructed of lightweight yet strong mesh steel, the hanging organizer is available in white, black, silver, pink, and turquoise. Pairing this product with others from the same collection, such as the Mind Reader Three-Tiered Tray and Desk Organizer, creates a cohesive and uniform look that is not only aesthetically pleasing but reduces attention-grabbing visible clutter. The white finish shown is listed on Lowe's site for $26.87. It requires installation, and mounting materials are included.

Simplify Large Clear Organizer with Bamboo Lid

Lowe's markets a collection of lidded organizers under the Simplify brand; they can be combined and stacked for a system tailored to your supplies and needs. In three sizes, the clear plastic boxes are topped with bamboo lids for a clean and chic desktop option. The Simplify Large Clear Organizer with Bamboo Lid, shown above, is 7.5 inches square by 2.25 inches high and is listed for $17.33. The Medium rectangular box is $18.17 and the Small Square is $12.33. While they may occupy a bit of worktop space, they'll look good doing it. 

Food 52 recently highlighted their favorite office accessories, and acrylic pieces stole the show, including a tape dispenser, file box, and wall valet. They describe the aesthetic as glamorous and modern. But here it's functional, too; the transparent material makes items conveniently visible while the inset bamboo lids add warmth and handsome durability. Move them from room to room — they're suitable throughout the house for jewelry, makeup, and bathroom supplies, among other uses.