The Best Dryers For Under $700

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Dryer shopping is not an easy task — with so many brands, designs, and features available, it can be hard to figure out which model best fits your needs. Therefore, it's best to sit down and decide what you require from a dryer. According to Reviewed, one of the first things you should consider, as you might have guessed, are the features. 

If your dryer is your main method of getting out wrinkles, you'll likely want an appliance that has a steam setting. Additionally, you need to consider the size of your household when making this purchase. If you live alone or with a partner, you can probably invest in a small-sized machine. However, if you have a large family, you'll need to purchase a bigger model.

Bellingham Electric also states that you'll need to decide on the design of your new appliance. There are two main options to choose from: a top loader, with the controls on the top rear of the machine, or a front loader where the buttons are on the front. Either way, these machines work the same, so this decision is based on preference. Finally, you need to determine the budget for your new gadget. If cost is one of your main deciding points, you'll need to stick to the price you set. Unfortunately, dryers are not cheap appliances — here are some of the best dyers you can get for under $700.

Best Buy's Whirlpool dryer

Best Buy sells this electric dryer made by Whirlpool. Usually, this top-load model can be purchased for around $675. However, on sale, you can snag it for just under $529. Finished in white, this dryer has a 7 cubic feet capacity. 

It incorporates many features, including a moisture sensor, end-of-cycle signal, and interior lights, just to name a few. A one-year labor and parts warranty is included with the purchase. Consumers gave this dryer a 4.6-star rating and often complimented the capacity as well as the ease of use. 

Lowe's Mondawe dryer

For those looking for a compact, stackable option, Lowe's offers this dryer made by Mondawe. On sale, it can be purchased for around $545, however, usually, it costs about $681. Equipped with five drying modes, including cool down, warm, hot, anti-wrinkle, and air-dry, Mondawe's dryer also has 1.41 cubic feet of capacity. 

Additionally, this dryer can quickly reach a max temperature of 155 degrees to allow clothes to be dried within 20 minutes — depending on load size. The drum is made of stainless steel and houses a built-in filter. Included is a 90-day limited warranty. 

Home Depot's Hotpoint dryer

Over at Home Depot, Hotpoint's white electric dryer is available on sale for $478. With 6.2 cubic feet of capacity, this traditionally styled appliance houses a corrosion-resistant drum and is highly energy efficient. 

Three different heat settings are included, and other notable features include an end-of-cycle signal, timed drying, and a reversible door hinge. A one-year entire manufacture warranty is included as well. With a 4.5-star rating, consumers state that it's a great dryer that works very well.

Lowe's Equator Advanced Appliances dryer

Next, Lowe's offers this stackable dryer made by Equator Advanced Appliances. Costing $589, this portable appliance features 2.6 cubic feet of capacity. Built with a touchscreen display, there are numerous useful features equipped, including a custom dry time and a door safety switch.

Additionally, there are many cycles available as well such as an air fluff cycle, a wrinkle-free cycle, and a sensor dry cycle — just to name a few. A limited warranty for one year is also included in the purchase. 

Best Buy's Insignia dryer

Best Buy offers this white-colored dryer made by Insignia. On sale, this dryer can be purchased for about $425. Equipped with a traditional design, this appliance has 6.7 cubic feet of space, as well as other features including an end-of-cycle signal, automatic temperature control, moisture sensor, and time-remaining display. 

Based on a 4.6-star rating, consumers state that this machine dries their clothes well and is easy to use. A one-year labor and parts warranty is available at the time of purchase. 

Home Depot's Magic Chef dryer

If you're looking into purchasing a compact model, Home Depot offers this dryer made by Magic Chef for around $455. While half the size of a normal dryer, this gadget has 3.5 cubic feet of capacity, with four different drying cycle options and three drying temperatures.

This machine received a 3.8-star rating. Many consumers complimented the look of the appliance and praised how much space they can save with it. A one-year parts and labor warranty is included in the purchase. 

Lowe's Amana dryer

Lowe's offers this white dryer made by Amana. Usually, it sells for around $630. This traditionally styled appliance boasts 6.5 cubic feet of capacity and numerous features, such as automatic drying control to keep your clothes from overheating. 

In addition, it contains a wrinkle-prevention option to ensure clothes stay wrinkle-free along with a reversible hinged door. It received a 4.6-star rating, and many consumers state the gadget is easy to use and works great. A one-year limited warranty is also included. 

Best Buy's Samsung dryer

Back at Best Buy, they offer this white Samsung dryer for $675, yet, on sale, it can be purchased for around $530. This traditionally designed model features 7.2 cubic feet of capacity as well as a moisture sensor, child lock, and a signal to notify you when your cycle has ended. 

In addition, this dyer contains a reversible hinge door and a four-way venting system located on the right, left, bottom, and rear. Along with eight drying cycles and four temperature varieties, this dryer comes with a one-year part and labor manufacturer warranty. 

Home Depot's GE Dryer

Also at Home Depot, this white-colored dryer is made by GE. Typically, this dryer costs around $700, however, on sale you can purchase it for around $528. This traditionally designed appliance has a 7.2 cubic feet capacity and a reversible hinged door. 

There are three different drying temperatures to choose from as well as several notable features, including timed dry settings and an adjustable end-of-cycle signal. This appliance also includes a one-year limited manufacturer warranty. 

Lowe's GE dryer

Finally, Lowe's offers this unique stackable dryer made by GE. Costing $699, this dryer, unlike most models, has its controls located at the bottom instead of the top. Equipped with 3.6 cubic feet of capacity, this appliance contains three dry cycles, including automatic, timed dry, and quick fluff. 

In addition, it also boasts three heat settings as well as four-way venting. With a total of 19 ratings, this machine gained a 3.7-star rating. Many consumers state that they would recommend this dyer as it is said to dry clothes very quickly for its compact size.