The Big Mistakes You May Be Making With Your Fake Christmas Tree

Christmas time brings a lot of joy into our lives, but a lot of chaos as well. With many tasks at hand such as buying presents and decorating our homes, this season can easily turn into a dreadful time. However, this doesn't have to be the case.

Most people begin celebrating this time of year by putting up their Christmas trees. According to a poll by Balsam Hill, this is usually around the weekend after Thanksgiving – however, some may opt to put up their decor much earlier or later. Timing aside, there has also been a long-running debate on which type of tree to put up. Artificial trees can be used year after year while live trees naturally look realistic and are better for the environment as they easily decompose, via Soil Association.

If you choose to display a fake model, you may be running into a few issues trying to get it to look its best. From the wrong size of tree for your home to adding a few too many ornaments, here are the biggest mistakes you may be making with your fake Christmas tree.

Not looking at the variety of types

When it comes to fake Christmas trees, there are many different options to choose from. Some will appear to be more standard with simple tree limbs and nothing more. Yet, others will include fake snow, pinecones, and maybe some berries. 

Additionally, and fortunately for many home decorators, there are some models that even come with lights. With all of this in mind, it's crucial that you find the type that best fits you and your home's aesthetic. 

Choosing the wrong size

Along with ensuring you pick the right type of tree, you need to make sure you pick the right size. Of course, this can depend on a number of aspects such as the location where you will put it, and the look you are trying to achieve. 

Garden Tabs states that a standard floor tree should be about half a foot lower than your ceiling. This is to ensure there's enough room to move it around and to place a decorative tree topper. 

Not adding enough lights

One of the most fun parts of Christmas trees is staring at the glowing lights it displays. Yet, sometimes, there aren't enough lights to give it that glow. Christmas Light Source states that, to begin with, you should add about 100 lights per foot of your tree. 

For example, if you have a 7-foot tree, you should have around 700 bulbs displayed. Like with the tree height, this can vary depending on the person and the look they are going for. Just remember to display these lights evenly around the tree. 

Displaying too many lights

Likewise, you shouldn't add too many strings of lights either. This can cause the tree to appear overwhelming and not as appealing as it once was. You want to stick to a happy medium and let your tree branches shine as well. 

Additionally, if you have too many lights attached, if one goes out, you'll run into the problem of having to remove many lights until you find the source of the problem. Therefore, it's best to begin with the standard 100 lights per foot and go from there. 

Not properly fluffing branches

One of the hardest parts about putting up a Christmas tree is rearranging the branches. It's time-consuming, a tad boring, and can make many people itch and break out. However, to have a tree at all, it must be done. 

While it's easy to just spread these limbs whichever way is easy, they should appear full and fluffed. This makes your tree appear larger and, overall, more appealing. If there is a certain look you're going for, you can trim the branches as well. Just be careful to not take too much off.

Not asking for help

If you're putting up your tree, that usually means the holiday season is beginning and everyone is busy. However, it can be super beneficial to ask for help for many reasons. For example, not only does an extra person or two allow you to finish your tasks more quickly, but they can also provide an extra set of eyes. 

If you've been working on your tree for a while, at some point you'll get tired and think it looks fine. However, others will be able to point out spots that need sprucing up and revamping. 

Displaying too many ornaments

Like with most other Christmas tree decorating aspects, the amount of light bulbs displayed solely depends on the homeowner and the look they are trying to achieve. While some may like a few scatted ornaments around the tree, others may like every branch to display an ornament of some sort. 

However, doing the latter can cause a tree to look overwhelming. Just like with displaying too many lights, too many ornaments can actually make a tree look worse and take away from the aesthetic of the room.

Improper storage

Believe it or not, the way your tree is stored can have a huge impact on how it looks when put together. If you try to shove the tree back in the original box, the branches become restricted and can appear to be droopy. Therefore, it's best to store your tree in a storage bag or freely up in the attic. 

If you have a large-sized Christmas tree, look at the instructions manual to see how it should be taken apart. Just be sure that the branches aren't bent when it is in its storage location. 

Trying to prevent a mess

Christmas trees are messy. That's just the truth. Whether you have a basic tree with standard green branches or a fancy model with fake snow, your home will need a quick clean-up after all is said and done. Therefore, don't restrict yourself and your tree by trying to prevent a mess from occurring. 

It's okay if a few needles get on the sofa or recliner. These can be easily cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner. However, if you tip-toe around putting your tree up, the tree won't show its full effect.