25 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom Walls

After a long day, what's better than a nice long hot shower or a relaxing bath? However you like to unwind, having a spa-like feel in your bathroom can always be a benefit. Creating that spa atmosphere for a bathroom can cost, on average, $21,044 for a mid-range remodel, according to Action Builders. An upscale bathroom remodel can be upwards of $66,317. 

The final cost is affected by the scope of the work, the size of the bathroom, and labor. Contractors can charge between $40 and $100 per hour to remodel a bathroom, according to 1st Choice Remodel ATL. So if you're looking for a new look on a budget, you have a few options.

One way to keep costs down is by reducing the scope of your project and taking on some of the work yourself. These ideas will give your bathroom walls new life and the appearance of a remodel. Best of all, you can complete much of the work yourself in only a few days.

1. Fun wallpaper

Wallpaper has come a long way from the 70s print that many have ripped out of their homes. Modern wallpaper offers updated and stylish patterns, bold colors, and sometimes hints of metallic accents. Peel and stick versions are easy to install, but all wallpaper types create an instant refresh for a bathroom.

2. Framed art

Just because the bathroom is more about utility and function doesn't mean you have to skimp on decorating. Adding framed art can help make a design look more finished and add a unique personal touch to the room. Consider your favorite prints, paintings, or even dried flowers as framed artwork.

3. Wood paneling

Wood paneling may seem like an antiquated design choice to many people. Though it may have risen to popularity in the 1970s, there are plenty of ways to create an updated look, including painting it and laying it horizontally. Or, embrace the warm retro or rustic vibes that wood walls can give your bathroom.

4. Living plant wall

Plants as home decor have exploded in popularity. Plants add color and texture to a room and also have the benefit of bringing nature into the space. The bathroom is also a great location for humidity-loving tropical plants, which will soak in the moisture created by a shower.

5. Colorful tiles

Bathroom tiles are an obvious choice when remodeling your bathroom, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with this design feature. Use tiles to add a pop of color.

6. Floating shelves

Improve both the function and aesthetics of the bathroom with floating shelves. These are easy to install and can be great for storage. Use these shelves to store bathroom essentials as well as some decor items like cotton rounds and Q-tips.

7. Picture frame molding

This type of molding creates decorative squares or rectangles on the walls that have historically been popular in traditional design. Adding this molding can provide an elegant look to the bathroom and painting this feature can make it look more modern.

8. Marble slab

Dramatic and eye-catching, marble slab on the wall is sure to create a bathroom transformation. Similar to the marble slabs used for countertops, this trend creates a seamless wall of natural stone. It's one of the best ways to create an elevated bathroom look.

9. Patterned plaster

Designs etched into plaster will add plenty of texture to a bathroom wall. Cover the surface with plaster and use various tools to draw patterns while the plaster is still wet. Once it dries, you can paint it or leave it natural for a unique, textured mural.

10. Board and batten

Board and batten is a type of molding that adds both a rustic and chic element to a design. The design is easy to recreate with molding and paneling and can be painted to add some color to the room.

11. Fluted walls

The fluted look has been popular for furniture, but that doesn't mean you can't use it as a wall treatment. This is a sleek, modern look that adds plenty of texture and can also help add height to a room with vertical lines. You can either leave the walls natural or paint them for a pop of color.

12. Scenic mural

A mural scene on the wall can help give the feeling of a larger space by creating visual depth in the room. Choose the largest wall to place the mural, and create it by either painting or hanging up wallpaper.

13. Faux concrete wall

Add a modern industrial or loft look with faux concrete walls. Concrete walls can add a lot of texture while creating a sleek style in the bathroom. You can do this by brushing gray paint or using a faux concrete finish on the walls.

14. Beadboard

For a more traditional look, beadboard is a great option. Use this paneling option on half or the entire wall. The vertical lines can make the walls appear taller. For a classic look, you can leave it white or paint it for more color.

15. Textile art

Large tapestries and wall hangings can add textile art to the room. Consider macrame, baskets, and rope art for some natural texture. 

16. Metal tiles

Use metal tiles to add a modern shine to the bathroom. Metal tiles come in various patterns, shapes, sizes, and textures, so you can create a customized look from sleek and modern to classic and patterned.

17. Fresh coat of paint

Don't underestimate how new paint can transform a room. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to refresh your bathroom, paint the walls a new shade. Calming shades of blue or green can help you relax. Or get energized in the morning with orange and yellow hues.

18. Large mirror

For a smaller bathroom, a large mirror can help reflect light and make the space appear larger. Hang a large mirror or two on the wall or over a vanity to make the decor item functional as well.

19. Wall decals

If you like the look of wallpaper but don't want to deal with the installation, wall decals are a great in-between option. These are like giant stickers and can come in a variety of patterns, like florals and geometric designs. They easily attach to the wall and come off without damage.

20. Faux brick

The look of exposed brick can be very warm and inviting. But if your home isn't built with brick walls, that doesn't mean you have to go without. Install faux brick wall tiles to recreate the look with ease.

21. Wainscoting

Wainscoting was originally popular in older, traditional homes. But the panels are coming back as a way to add texture and decorative interest to a room. 

22. Large scale art

If you have ample wall space, opt for large-scale art to fill the space. Frame large prints or paintings to display on the walls. The dramatic look will draw the eye and create a focal point in the bathroom.

23. Tile mosaic

When it comes to designing a bathroom, tile is an obvious choice. Create a mosaic using tile for an artistic element. Or choose patterned tiles that create a design when put together.

24. Textured panels

Textured wall panels instantly make a room look more interesting. Designs range from waves to raised squares to quatrefoil patterns and everything in between. Installing these wall panels can make your bathroom look like those found in high-end hotels.

25. Limewash paint

A limewash finish gives the appearance of old-world stucco walls. It's a great way to add subtle texture to a room. The finish is usually applied over neutral or earth-toned paint for a more natural feel.