Here's The Best Time Of Year To Rent A Storage Unit

If you're in need of a storage unit, you might not be thinking about when to rent it so much as other factors like space, location, accessibility, and even climate-control settings. However, there are actually better times of the year to invest in a storage rental, and these can save you money as well as get you the best options for your needs. While every company might vary on price or size, you can assume that most will have deals during this specific time, meaning no matter where you live or what business you opt for, you'll likely be getting the best deal.

Storage units are ideal for a variety of needs, from moving or downsizing to keeping priceless items like artwork or heirlooms safe when they aren't in use. SnapNsure notes that the average homeowner boasts over 300,000 personal items in their house, which can become overwhelming or chaotic. Storing some of these items can help address the situation.

It's always important to consider what you need out of a rental, be it a space to declutter or as a temporary measure between moving houses. Some items will do better with a unit that has climate settings that can be adjusted, while others might just give peace of mind if the company offers 24/7 security on premises. Each of these requirements cost money, which is why you should look to rent in the winter, when prices are better and varying layouts are easier to come by.

Winter is the optimal rental time

That's right — the best time to rent a storage unit is winter. It might come as a surprise, and some people might even seem confused or put off. Moving in chilly to freezing temperatures, even if it's just a few boxes, can be off-putting. Snow, sleet, extra layers, and all the other things that come with cold weather might not add up to make an appealing storage trip, but experts like Neighbor note that winter is the time to rent because not as many people are requesting units. With less demand, prices go down, and the number of options go up.

It all comes down to supply and demand, which is what makes the world go round. With fewer customers, many companies will lower their rates to bring in business. While it might require a few adventures out into the snow or cold, saving money on a storage unit makes braving the frost worth it. According to, most people spend around $190 on a rental. Over time, this amount can add up, so finding something lower than the national average is always a bonus.

Forget spring cleaning; try a winter declutter

There are a number of benefits to renting a storage unit, and one of these includes the chance to declutter your home. If you have been thinking about procuring a rental for awhile, and the price is right over winter, why not take advantage? Another perk of having somewhere to stash your belongings outside the house is that over the holidays, you have a place to hide presents.

In order to ensure your belongings are safe throughout the frigid temperatures, Secure Self Storage recommends insulating valuables with towels or breathable blankets. If you live in extremely cold conditions, this will protect important items from becoming damaged, warped, or otherwise affected by the weather. You can also invest in units that offer climate-controlled rooms, which will prevent anything from getting too cold. These are useful year-round, and will keep everything at the right temperature until you need it or can use it in your home again.