Here's How To Properly Clean Your Textured Lamp And Home Decor

How can you thoroughly clean your delicate décor items, like textured lampshades, without accidentally ruining them? That's a challenge that, fortunately, has many solutions. 

Home Depot mentions some tips that can be applied to materials that might tear easily or can't be immersed in water. For example, items made from woven fibers can snag and wouldn't hold up to being sprayed or soaked. This is where a soft cloth might come in handy since it won't catch on any loose ends. Also, a lint-free duster can efficiently pick up dust along with the suction of a vacuum or a feather duster. Likewise, a paintbrush or makeup brush can reach into pleats or corners. Plus, a lint roller or sticky, two-sided tape might do the trick, but we advise caution with these tools. If you're confident that the material won't rip, you can apply gentle pressure while placing your other hand underneath to provide a firm surface and prevent tearing.

These aren't the only hacks for cleaning fragile items like textured lampshades and breakable home décor. Keep reading to learn more.

How to carefully clean the lampshade

When cleaning a fabric lampshade, Home Depot recommends carefully removing loose dust before moving on to the deep cleaning part. The tool of choice depends on how delicate the material is. So, a vacuum with a small attachment for small spaces would be the fastest way to remove dust, but otherwise, you might opt for a microfiber cloth. Another preliminary step is to closely examine your lampshade to see if the panels are stitched or glued together. The latter prevents you from immersing the shade in water.

Once the lampshade is completely dusted, you can use warm or hot water mixed with mild detergent or dish soap to soak the shade. This step may take 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how dirty the lampshade is. Also, you can dissolve some baking soda in the water if the lampshade is a lighter color.

After the lampshade has soaked, you will wipe it with a soft cloth or sponge to remove any remaining dirt and stains. Next, you will refill your basin with warm water and carefully rinse the lampshade. Before placing it back on the base, ensure it's completely dry.

Tips for cleaning other delicate items

The vacuum with an upholstery attachment removes loose dirt and dust for other textured and delicate objects, but the suction might tear fragile materials. Likewise, soaking your knick-knacks or fuzzy throw pillows may not be ideal for deep cleaning these items since soap can discolor them, or immersing them might ruin their texture.

For metal items, How to Decorate mentions using a soft toothbrush with the cleanser of your choice. A toothbrush can easily reach any ridges and corners. Cassie's Meticulous Touch also recommends using a hairdryer to blow off any dust, loose lint, or dirt. Likewise, compressed air dusters may have the same effect on smaller items.

If you're wondering how to tackle shag, faux fur, or anything else that's textured or fuzzy, The Laundress mentions looking at the care instructions on the tag before washing. Also, the one method that safeguards from tearing is handwashing and air drying. Plus, you can comb or brush over the cloth to restore its texture.