You Can Fix Your Squeaky Doors With This Kitchen Pantry Staple

Is there anything more annoying or frustrating than a squeaky door? Whether you're trying to move around the house quietly early in the morning or late at night, or just want to go about your daily tasks without creaks and squeaks, doors that make noise are never ideal. There are plenty of lubricants and solutions on the market, but there is also a way to take care of the problem with a kitchen staple. When a door starts rebelling against its hinges, why not skip the trip to the supermarket or home supply store and check your cupboards first?

Not only is this product incredibly useful for all of your cooking needs, but it can negate a squeaky entry or exit way quickly and efficiently. The best part is, you don't even need to use much of this versatile liquid, meaning you'll have plenty for the real purpose it serves. If you've been looking for a hack to silence that noisy door, try this the next time it makes a peep.

Try a little olive oil

A squeaky door is no match for the liquid gold almost every homeowner has in their cupboards or pantry. Olive oil is a simple hack that can be used to quell a loud door, and the best part is how little you need to do it. You can apply a small amount to the hinges by adding some straight from the bottle onto a clean cloth, or pour some into a bowl and use a brush. Instead of purchasing WD-40, olive oil acts as a more natural lubricant that helps diminish the rubbing caused by overuse or rusty hinges.

Before applying the oil, make sure to thoroughly clean your door areas that need attention. If dirt, dust, or other grime has built up, it can make the olive oil turn rancid, which no one wants. Don't overdo it when putting the substance on hinges — you only need a tiny amount and should remove any excess to avoid a mess. According to Know Insiders, vegetable oil will create build-up over time and can get too gummy, but olive oil has the right amount of lubrication that, when used sparingly, can fix a squeak without making more cleanup needs.

How to care for your hinges

If you really want to get into the hinges, Homebuilders Hardware recommends taking the pin out to grease everything more thoroughly. You can use a hammer and screwdriver to apply pressure on the bottom and tap it out, but always make sure the type of hinges you have can be removed. Apply a little oil to the joints and the pin, then place everything back together. The key is to ensure that the connecting pieces are lubricated but don't collect too much olive oil. You should also note that if your hinges are showing a large amount of rust, you might want to remove them and clean off all the detritus first before applying olive oil to the apparatus.

Another handy household substance that might assist with squeaky doors is petroleum jelly. Both of these items are usually standard fare in your cupboards or pantries, and can easily fix rust or wear without causing a big, sticky mess of lubricants.