HGTV Star Breegan Jane's Tips For Creating The Perfect Tuxedo Style Kitchen

A stylish kitchen makes all the difference. But with plenty of kitchen trends, it can be difficult to choose the option that's right for you. For design experts, you can't go wrong with a timeless option that will look stylish even as the trend cycle changes. By choosing a timeless design, you can make subtle changes to refresh the space, according to DC Interiors & Renovations, so you'll be able to engage in some of the trends without having to remodel an entire space. For a kitchen, interior designer Breegan Jane suggests the timeless tuxedo look.

"[I]t's a dual-tone kitchen space with white cabinetry around the top or higher spaces and dark elements in lower areas," explains Breegan Jane. "The upper area could be interpreted as the white 'shirt,' and the lower area could function as the dark 'trousers.' The black-and-white combination, just like the outfit, is a classy design that exudes elegance."

Neutrals will never go out of style, so they're the ideal option for the base of your main fixtures. "They have such a timeless appeal. And contrary to popular opinion, they are not that hard to achieve!" Jane says. "Tuxedo kitchens have been on-trend for several years. Done correctly, they can be timeless focal points of the home that rarely need to be updated."

Don't go too dark

To start, choose the right dark shade for the base cabinets. But you don't want to jump straight to black, according to Breegan Jane. "Though the style suggests a black-and-white color scheme, I would advise against using true black and white in your tuxedo kitchen design," Jane says. "True black can be visually harsh, and that might impact the overall look you're aiming for. Instead, consider a dark grey or smoky black with navy undertones. These options are much warmer than true black." You still want your home to feel inviting even when using dark, moody colors. Choosing a color other than stark black will make it feel warmer without sacrificing the overall look.

The dark cabinets can show off lighter countertops beautifully. "When it comes to stone options, white caesarstone countertops will make your black cabinetry pop like you wouldn't believe!" Breegan Jane explains. Marble, quartz, and granite also have beautiful white and off-white options that will provide plenty of contrast with dark countertops, according to MKD Kitchens. But you may also want to lean into the tonality look and choose gray or brown counters to keep the lower features dark but still have some contrast.

Consider the white undertones

It's no secret that there are an overwhelming amount of white shades to choose from. But don't let that intimidate you from designing a tuxedo kitchen. Narrowing down which undertones will look best in your kitchen can make it easier to choose the right white. "All tones of white are not created equal, so be sure to test the shade you want to use," Breegan Jane suggests. "I would advise against going too beige or yellow with your light/white choices." Whites with cooler undertones will often appear bright, allowing it to shine against the darker color on the bottom half of the kitchen.

To get the perfect white, consider the LVR, which is a scale that tells you how light or dark a color is, according to Kylie M. Interiors. The scale of light ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the whitest. White paint tops off at 94 on the scale, with an LRV of 90. These paints have a bright, clean white appearance to them. Jane suggests looking at cooler whites, which can have green, blue, or purple undertones.

Think contrast

The dark and light tones of the cabinets already provide a lot of contrast, but you shouldn't stop there. "Incorporating mixed metals will bring just the right amount of contrast needed to add interest in the room," Breegan Jane explains. "Personally (and professionally), I think pops of brushed or polished brass are so elegant in black-and-white kitchens. Touches of metal in the fixtures, faucets or drawer pulls act as flashes of jewelry for your 'tuxedo' look. They provide extra opulence in small doses, making your kitchen that much more magnificent."

But if you're looking to add toned-down touches, there are other options besides mixed metals. "[I] prefer to incorporate natural elements in the furniture for tuxedo kitchens," Jane says. "While splendor is the name of the game for tuxedo visuals, using natural elements helps the overall space feel more approachable. Consider using wood shelving, dining tables or chairs to finish the look of your kitchen."

Like paint, wood has undertones you'll want to consider when designing your space. According to Chris Love Julia, Pine has yellow undertones, while red oak has a reddish tint. Birch is pinkish, and poplar has a bit of green. White oak is one of the more neutral options when it comes to wood. You'll want to keep these in consideration if you plan to leave them natural or apply a stain on top.