The 5 Best Neighborhoods For Singles In Chicago

While Chicago isn't exactly known for romance, it's one of the best places in the world to meet people — making it an ideal location for singles to call home. Beyond the Windy City's rich history, architecture, and world-famous deep-dish pizza, it's also a great place to meet other singles and go on dates.

A recent WalletHub study ranked over 180 cities on 36 different aspects of ideal living for singles and found that Chicago ranked #4 in the most nightlife options per capita. So, if you are looking to get lucky in love, Chicago has no shortage of places to bump into a potential partner on a night out and no shortage of hot spot destinations to take your date.

Maybe that's why Town Charts reports that 62% of adult Chicago residents are single, compared to the U.S. national average of about 50%. And while the city as a whole has a lot to offer singles, some neighborhoods, in particular, are better suited for hopeful romantics.

The Loop

The Loop is one of the most famous and popular neighborhoods in Chicago, and it's clear why. Known as the heart of the downtown area, The Loop attracts tourists and residents from all over the world and is where you can find some of Chicago's best and most famous dining and entertainment options. The area's museums, shopping, dining, and nightlife options are all within walking distance, making a night out on the town or a day of activities with your date easily accessible without having to deal with the infamous Chicago traffic.

According to Clever, The Loop's walkability and proximity to stores, eateries, and businesses are what make it one of the best neighborhoods for single Chicagoans to call home. It's also ranked as one of the top three Chicago neighborhoods for young professionals. In fact, only 8% of The Loop's residents have children, making it an excellent place to surround yourself with other young, educated singles with similar interests and immediate life goals and plans.

According to The Culture Trip, the neighborhood has also seen a recent increase in luxury apartment buildings being built — a perfect opportunity for young singles moving to the city for work, as the area has grown to become a central hub for most Chicago-based businesses.

Printer's Row

Located just south of The Loop is the neighborhood of Printer's Row, regarded for its trendy shopping, dining, and nightlife scene, and relatively low cost of living. According to Clever, young professionals and singles live in Printer's Row for the big city experience that doesn't come with the high price of living in more populated neighborhoods near the river.

The neighborhood has all the allure of the more densely-populated areas of the city at a lower price tag. Though Clever notes that the population of Printer's Row is only about 9,000 people, the neighborhood is just as walkable as the rest of the city and has plenty of bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and shops in close proximity for residents to take advantage of and meet other singles.

Though Printer's Row is removed from the crowds of the downtown area, it still has some of the best shopping, dining, and nightlife options the city has to offer, all while maintaining the unique character that comes with being the former hub of the printing industry. Printing warehouses have since been converted to unique and stylish luxury apartments, and the trendy neighborhood is now a refuge from the hustle and bustle of downtown while still serving as a major part of the city's social scene (per TLC Management Company).

In fact, Printer's Row was ranked by Niche as the #1 best neighborhood in Chicago to call home, with an overall A+ grade, receiving particularly high marks in its nightclub offerings.


Similarly to Printer's Row, Bucktown offers a convenient getaway from the crowds of the city's downtown area while still having a hot social scene of its own, along with easy, walkable access to plenty of bars, shops, and eateries. According to Bungalow, the up-and-coming neighborhood is popular for young professionals looking for a relatively relaxed urban setting to call home that is still close enough to the fast-paced heart of the city.

Though Bucktown offers a more intimate and quiet experience than many other parts of the city, it still boasts plenty to do and plenty of happening places to meet other singles. In fact, Bucktown's nightlife scene received a perfect five-star rating from Bungalow, as did its walkability, making it an ideal location for those who want to take advantage of the area's social offerings without the hassle of traffic or densely populated crowds.

Even better, Bucktown also received a five-star rating from Bungalow in safety. And while it's always recommended to be proactive about your safety and walk with others when going out for a night on the town and returning home, Bucktown residents can feel at ease knowing the neighborhood's crime rate is 30% lower than the rest of the city, with the majority being non-violent property crimes (per Federal Companies).

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is among Chicago's best neighborhoods for young professionals and has a high concentration of college-educated singles. According to Space Wise, Lincoln Park is home to both DePaul University and Knox College, making it a popular neighborhood for students and recent graduates.

The neighborhood of Lincoln Park offers all the amenities of urban living with its proximity to dining, shopping, nightlife, and entertainment, while its tree-lined streets of brick townhouses provide a unique living experience that is slightly more suburban than most other areas of the city. Because of this, Space Wise says Lincoln Park is an ideal place for young adults who are looking to own a home as opposed to renting.

In addition to providing a semi-suburban environment just north of the heart of Chicago, Lincoln Park is also ideal for nature lovers with its large area of green space in the form of manicured gardens and its namesake, Lincoln Park. That being said, it is far more than a park and is an excellent place to take a date. As the world's largest free zoo, The Lincoln Park Zoo offers an afternoon of entertainment in a world-class setting, free of charge, while the Lincoln Park Conservatory, the Chicago History Museum, Nature Boardwalk, and Theatre on the Lake are other park features you and your date can visit if the day is going well (per Choose Chicago). The neighborhood is also a top destination for foodies and is home to the globally acclaimed Alinea.

River North

River North is a popular destination for creatives and is the place to go if you are looking for a partner to spend an evening with at an art gallery or a boutique. As Chicago's fashion and art district, there is never a shortage of things to do in River North, and the walkable streets are lined with trendy restaurants, galleries, and shops, making it an attractive destination for young singles looking to take advantage of the city's unique arts scene (per Clever).

Additionally, River North is a popular neighborhood for young professionals relocating to Chicago for their careers, as Clever notes that the median rent and home prices are lower than many other popular areas of the city. The majority of the neighborhood's residents also have a college degree, making it possible to surround yourself with other educated singles.

River North is also home to the famous Magnificent Mile, one of the most popular destinations in all of Chicago. Offering world-class dining and department store shopping, The Magnificent Mile offers an excellent way to spend a day and plenty of opportunities to meet people with whom you have a lot in common with — whether you are a foodie or a shopaholic.