15 Products To Help You Organize Your Laundry Room

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Laundry rooms are one of the most commonly used areas within a home, meaning these spaces tend to become cluttered and unorganized. While this is entirely normal and to be expected, there are ways you can get this room back in top shape. Start by decluttering and getting rid of things you no longer need. If there are items that don't belong in this space, put them in their proper location. The next thing you can do, as The Container Store suggests, is group all your essentials into separate areas. This way, you can go through your belongings and sort out what goes where. Put washing and drying products in one area, place house cleaning products in another, and continue until all your inventory is categorized.

After the items are in their own section, begin placing them in their locations in an organized manner. Place all bottles in one section facing forward so you can see the label. Continue to do this with your belongings until they all find a home. Unfortunately, sometimes simple placement isn't enough. If your laundry space isn't the best, you may have to purchase a gadget or two to give it that much-needed boost. From sectional laundry hampers to detergent dispensers, here are 15 products to help you organize your laundry room.

1. 3-Section laundry hamper

One of the most important gadgets you can purchase is a laundry hamper. Amazon sells this model with three separate sections — one for darks, one for lights, and one for colored laundry. It costs less than $40 and is made of a metal structure with fabric bags and wheels, allowing easy movement from one room to another. The bags can also be removed from the cart and washed when needed. 

2. Glass storage containers

Believe it or not, taking items out of their original container and placing them in another can make your laundry room more organized and well-structured. For those that use tide pods, scent boosters, or anything similar, Amazon sells these glass containers for less than $37. Coming in a two-pack, these jars can hold 128 ounces. Additionally, these items can be had washed as needed. 

3. Hanger storage rack

If you're like many other people and store your extra hangers in your laundry room, you probably know how tiring it is to keep these gadgets organized. To help you with this task, Amazon has this hanger storage rack for only $8. It sits at 9 ½ inches tall, can hold up to 30 hangers, and comes in a standard white shade to help match any laundry room's theme or aesthetic. 

4. Retractable drying rack

It goes without saying that some items need to be hung to dry instead of being placed in the dryer. However, this can take up a lot of space within your laundry area. Fortunately, Amazon has this retractable drying rack available for under $40. Folding into three separate sections, this gadget contains six hooks for each area. It mounts to the wall and has space on top to hold smaller items such as socks or washcloths. 

5. Dryer sheet container

Similar to glass laundry detergent containers, Amazon also has a case for dryer sheets. Available for less than $16, this container is also made of glass and has a lift lid. It sits at 3.7 inches in height and can hold up to 200 dryer sheets. There are other models available as well for items such as clothes pins or dryer balls 

6. Slim storage cart

If you don't care to store your products in your cabinets or are simply out of the room, consider investing in a cart. Amazon has these 4-tier storage carts in a two-pack for under $40. Equipped with 360-degree wheels, these carts also have eight removable hooks, four cups for extra storage, and eight lids. It's thin enough to slide in between most washing machines and dryers to keep your items hidden from view. 

7. Storage tool rack

It's not uncommon for many to use their laundry room as storage for their cleaning tools, such as mops or brooms. However, these can be easily unorganized in a room if not properly stored. Fortunately, Amazon has this took rack available for less than $17. It has five racks for large tools, along with four hooks. It mounts to the wall with just a few simple screws and is fairly light in weight. 

8. Clear storage bins

Of course, one of the best ways to organize items is by placing them in bins. Clear bins, however, make it even easier to see what's inside. Amazon has these models available in a four-pack for less than $32 — when on sale. Each bin measures 11 inches wide, 6 inches tall, and 8 inches in depth. In addition, these gadgets can be used for many items, such as Lysol wipes, and in various other locations. 

9. Large laundry baskets

For those with a large family, Amazon has this two-pack of large-sized laundry baskets for around $20. Each bag contains a freestanding structure with metal top edges but can be collapsed when not in use. They can hold about 75 liters of capacity each and includes a waterproof coating. However, it is not recommended that these get washed in the washing machine as it can damage the coating. 

10. Foldable drying rack

For those that like old-school gadgets or maybe have a bohemian-styled laundry room, Amazon has this foldable vertical drying rack for less than $50. Sitting over 43 inches in height, this three-tier gadget has 10 racks and is made from bamboo. To save space, it can be collapsed when not in use. However, it is aesthetically pleasing enough to be left out as décor. 

11. Laundry detergent dispenser

For a more modern and convenient design for powdered laundry detergent or beads, Amazon has this dispenser that can be mounted to your wall with a few screws. It costs around $20 and is separated into two sections; this gadget can house up to 7 pounds of weight with both sections combined. However, it should be noted that it is unsuitable for liquid detergents. 

12. Liquid detergent bottles

Alternatively, Amazon has these detergent dispenser bottles made specifically for liquid models. Available for nearly $60, each bottle can contain up to 67 ounces of liquid detergent. Included in the purchase are three 100% waterproof labels to further your organization and an extra pump with a wide and curve design. In addition, these bottles should be hand-washed regularly to ensure longevity. 

13. Under-cabinet organizers

For those with cabinets beside their washing machine, dyer, or elsewhere in the area, Amazon has this two-pack of under-cabinet organizers for sale for around $34. The two-tier design comes with baskets in a standard white shade that sit about 14.6 inches in length, 5.9 inches in width, and 4.75 inches in height. It can be returned up to 30 days after the initial purchase. 

14. Ironing board wall mount

Of course, it's not a laundry room without an ironing board of some sort. Unfortunately, these gadgets can take up a lot of space and cause a laundry room to appear unorganized if not stored properly. However, Amazon has this wall-mounted storage rack for less than $30. It also has two extra shelves for storage for other ironing products and an actual iron. 

15. Foldable laundry basket

While crucial to doing laundry, laundry baskets can inevitably take up a lot of room. However, Amazon has this foldable laundry basket available for less than $28. It sits 10.5 inches tall and can hold up to 11 gallons of laundry. Yet, when folded down, it is only three inches tall. This gadget can be wiped clean when dirty with a standard washcloth.