Magnolia Star Joanna Gaines' Tips For Incorporating Green Into Your Home Decor

First starring on HGTV's "Fixer Upper" and now helming her own network with husband Chip, Joanna Gaines has cemented her position as a design expert since becoming a household name in 2013. Her calming and rustic interiors have long used green as an accent color to bring refreshing life to a space, and it's just like Jo to be ahead of the design curve. Green has become one of the most loved colors for interiors over the last few years. Interior designer Aoife Tobin tells The Journal that "green is the new neutral." Shades of the hue are being used throughout the home in small and large accents because the color is so versatile. It pairs well with other neutral colors and adds an organic pop of color to liven up a space.

Joanna Gaines loves adding the color in her own home. Her library and her boys' bedroom both feature a stunning shade of green, as seen on Magnolia. The deep green tones in her library feel dramatic and yet, in the boys' bedroom, it feels incredibly cozy. Incorporating green into your interior design scheme may be the refreshing accent you need.

Green and wood make the perfect combination

For a warm and inviting space, shades of green and natural wood are the ideal combination. Using wood in a home adds texture and warmth. Depending on the grain and chosen stain, the pieces you choose can evoke a style that's modern, rustic, eclectic, or more. Consider wood stains with warm undertones to create a cozy interior sure to maximize the hygge this winter.

A warm tinted wood stain can ground a space in a way that colors and neutral paints can't. In the library of the Waco Offices, Joanna Gaines chose Bespoke Green in a glossy finish for the ceiling and trim and a satin finish on the walls, according to Magnolia. The dark shade of green throughout the entire space highlights the texture of each feature. The console table, dining table, and chairs (all wood) add unique rustic and modern accents that make the room feel intentionally designed with texture. Being natural elements unto themselves, wood and green pair together easily.

Look to nature for inspiration

Joanna Gaines gleans much of her design inspiration from nature and that includes the shades of green she uses to create a room. One of her favorites is Magnolia Green, which captures the green of a magnolia flower bud. The color is not only bold, it's fresh and timeless as it represents new life.

Looking to nature is one of the best ways to find inspiration. Not only will this bring the feeling of the outside indoors, but these colors will never go out of style. Because they're often toned down, earthy greens are easier to pair with both neutrals and other colors, allowing you to use them both as a feature and an accent in the design. The calming colors of leafy foliage, the vibrant hues of green animals, and the emerald greens of jewels are all great places to find ideas for your home. For Joanna Gaines, she depends on the room she's designing to point her to the ideal shade of green. Think about how you want to feel in each space, such as relaxed in a bedroom, creative in an office, or lively in the kitchen. Having a mood or feeling will help you find the right shade.

Accent with green

If you aren't looking to paint the walls and ceiling in a bold shade of green, you can, of course, use the color in a more sparse or accented way. One of the most famous green accents that Joanna Gaines has created is a piano she found in a home she and her team were touring. In an interview with House Beautiful she said, "When we got it home and cleaned it off, it was actually green — one of my favorite shades! ​​I love that it's a little bit more fun and quirky than everything else I have in the house." A vintage green piano isn't exactly a piece of décor that most people can feature in their homes, but staying open to unexpected items like this can offer opportunities to add character to the space.

Vintage pianos aside, there are plenty of ways to add green to a space. Houseplants are one of the easiest and best ways to add those pops of nature. Vibrant vines and unique foliage throughout the home increase the life energy throughout, and this is one of the star designer's favorite ways of accenting with green. Other decorative touches like books, vases, picture frames, or Gaines' typewriter seen above will all add that fresh feel you're looking for.