15 Ways To Help Prevent Clutter From Accumulating In Your Home

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If there is one thing true about living in a house or an apartment, it's that it will inevitably become cluttered. However, quite a few benefits come with an orderly home. According to Smart Storage, one of these perks is that it can help reduce mental health problems such as anxiety and stress. This is because your mind is not overwhelmed by the unwanted mess. Another advantage is increased productivity. Think about it, when you're trying to get work done, but your home is accumulated with trash, you may find yourself distracted. Well, that's because a cluttered house means a cluttered mind.

In addition, less dirt and germs will pile up if your home isn't filled with unnecessary things, making your house a bit easier to clean. You may also save a bit of money if you're not buying products that will clutter your abode. If you want to maintain an organized space but don't know where to start, you're in luck. House Digest has rounded up smart ways to help prevent clutter from accumulating in your home.

1. Cancel subscriptions

One of the most significant ways to keep clutter from accumulating is by stopping it at the source. This means canceling your subscriptions to physical copies you can live without. You likely look at these items once and then toss them to the side. Instead of doing this, only buy important issues at your local store. 

2. Opt for digital subscriptions

If you have to have your annual catalogs and magazines, consider digital subscriptions instead. This way, you still get all the mail you desire while simultaneously keeping clutter away. You may even save a few dollars along the way.

3. Throw out junk mail immediately

Unlike subscriptions, you can't stop junk mail from entering your mailbox. While this is unfortunate, you can still prevent them from piling up in your home by immediately throwing them away instead of tossing them on the counter. Just be sure it is, in fact, junk mail before getting rid of it.

4. Keep a trash can in view

While throwing things away, ensure your trash can is in view, such as by the main entrance door or kitchen areas. Although it's more aesthetically pleasing to hide it in a cabinet, keeping the can where you can see it can give you a gentle nudge to throw things out. 

5. Say no to free

Another important way to prevent clutter is to say no to free stuff. If a free bin at a local store or a friend offers you something as they're decluttering their home, don't grab it. While this can sometimes pay off, more times than not, it's just added clutter to your home. 

6. Buy what you need — not want

It's often better to buy items in bulk; after all, it's usually cheaper. However, the chances of you using the entire bulk are low, which can cause these items to take up unnecessary space. Instead, buy exactly what you need and nothing more. 

7. Challenge yourself when shopping

Turn shopping into a fun challenge. For example, when buying or decluttering clothing items, imagine five places you'll wear them to. If you can't think of five, don't purchase them or remove them from your closet.

8. Have rules in place

Like the aforementioned challenge, set some ground rules for your belongings. For example, figure out the number of items you need and always stick to the figure. If you already have a certain number of standard-sized coffee mugs, you don't need another one. 

9. Invest in product organizers

When all else fails, invest in an organization product or two. While this adds to your home, it can help keep things in place. For instance, if you have many items on your bathroom counter, such as makeup, consider investing in a makeup organizer like this clear model from Amazon

10. Do regular clean outs

When it comes to kitchen areas, clean out your fridge and cabinets monthly. As for clothing items, when your laundry basket is full. If it helps, place a schedule on the fridge or add an event to your phone calendar. 

11. Consider others

The world is full of people in need. Before adding unnecessary items to your home and creating clutter, think of others. Consider if you need that item or if someone else can benefit better. Donating regularly is a fantastic decluttering technique.

12. Allow clutter zones

We all have items in our homes that don't have a designated area. Instead of having them in random locations, consider setting up a clutter zone. Often, people have a junk drawer in their kitchen for these items, making it easy to organize them later.

13. Know who you are

Another way to prevent clutter is to get in touch with yourself and know who you are. For example, if you are not a painter, you do not need to buy paint or brushes and have them around your home; instead, buy things that define your interests and personality.

14. Look for inspo

We know that preventing clutter is not easy to do. Therefore, looking at others and their homes for inspiration is okay. YouTube videos and Pinterest boards are great ways to help you stop clutter. Some shows, such as Netflix's "Tiding Up with Marie Kondo" or HGTV's "Hot Mess House," can also help. 

15. Seek help from others

Finally, it's okay to involve another person to help manage clutter. Other people can see the areas you're missing and give a fresh perspective. Ask a friend to point out spaces they feel are prone to accumulating clutter, and you'll know what rooms to pay attention to.