13 Airbnbs To Rent With Stunning Views

Anything can make a home attractive, but it takes a unique feature to knock your socks off. A cabin in the woods made out of sustainable materials like cardboard is memorable, as is an architectural marvel on the side of a cliff made to resemble a handy optical instrument.

Whether you're looking to be enveloped in vegetation, surrounded by unbelievable mountains and hills, or be near a body of water so blue it looks like it was painted, one thing appears to be true of all the homes selected below: The interior decor aims to bring a level of calm and serenity to its inhabitants. You will venture into the endless possibilities of rustic decor; you will be in awe of how plants can completely transform an interior space into something luxurious yet straightforward. With these Airbnbs, you will be hard-pressed not to find something that takes your breath away, 

Vrouwenpolder, Zeeland, Netherlands

An exciting piece of tiny home architecture, The Woodpecker House boasts an exterior structure that seemingly pays homage to family summers spent in an RV. It is built entirely with sustainable materials such as wood, cardboard, and flax and has a deceptively spacious interior, considering its size. Thanks to the glass walls that adorn the front and back of the structure, this tiny home gets an incredible amount of light into the two-bedroom, one-bathroom house. In the shape of a caravan, this Airbnb sits on farmland in Zeeland, the Netherlands, where rabbits, chickens, and other adorable animals roam.

This home is a minimalist's dream. In the front is the living room, consisting of one long couch and a dining table for four. Walk in, and you'll find the bedroom just a few feet away from the kitchen but cordoned off, so its inhabitants still enjoy some privacy. Guests of The Woodpecker House enjoy a great deal of space to soak up the sun in the summer and a great view of the farm right from the porch.

Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru

Are you searching for a quiet place? This home in Sacred Valley, Peru, offers tranquility, a dizzying 360-degree view of mountains, and solitude from the wider world. In all its wood and stone glory, the breathtaking structure sits right in Sacred Valley and features a floor-to-ceiling glass wall in the front from which guests can take in the splendor of the mountains around them.

Inside, this listing marries modern architecture with cottagecore, providing the best of both worlds and more in between. A pair of leather hammock armchairs facing floor-to-ceiling windows greet you as you walk in, but then your eyes are pulled towards the wooden floating staircase that runs alongside the massive windows, which frame the mountains just outside the glass panes. A traditional wooden fireplace graces a stone wall on the opposite side of the living room, cinching that cabin vibe.

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

In Cape Town, you're welcomed by mountains, hills, and such lush vegetation that you must pause to take it all in. And with this seaside villa, you get a front-row seat to the Atlantic Ocean and a direct view of the famous Table Mountain.

Although the furniture is modern, the exposed pine beams which line the ceiling give the room a rustic feel that plays nicely with that design choice. A large patio is accessible from the living room via a wooden sliding door that opens the entire room to the outdoors. It creates an uninterrupted sense of indoor-outdoor living. Once outside, guests are greeted by a braai grill, a stylish inground pool, and an incredible view of Lions Head mountain, which sits between the famous Table mountain and Signal Hill. Marble finishings are tastefully woven through this Cape Town villa offering designs that elevate the simple and make it luxurious. 

Balamban, Central Visayas, Philippines

Hidden somewhere in the forests of Cebu is this unique structure. Treehouse de Valentine is interwoven into the fabric of this forest in the Philippines, making it a perfect getaway for the nature-lover who does their best relaxing when at one with the elements. Below this gorgeous two-bedroom house is a river where guests are invited to swim. The three bedrooms make up the top floor of this treehouse, which has a wooden tub for a nice outdoor soak and a balcony that offers views of the tree canopy.

Made of bamboo, internally and externally, this structure lives up to its name. The dining area features wooden benches and tables where guests can dine al fresco. Treehouse de Valentine is a snapshot of what life could be like in nature — an altogether tranquil and relaxing experience with a few critters roaming about.

Emu Swamp, New South Wales, Australia

Figtrees Cottage, located in a rural area of Emu Swamp, will bring your agrarian living dreams to life. This cottage boasts views of the fig trees surrounding the 12 acres on which the house was built. Natural light floods into the open-plan living space of this cottage, offering an illuminated area for your lounging and dining. On the property's second floor is a Juliet balcony on which you can enjoy the serenity of the countryside while also taking in the remarkable views.

Figtrees Cottage offers a cozy white and brown wood palette throughout the property. Rustic decor that meets modern amenities is the name of the game with this Emu Swamp property. The exposed wooden beams on the ceiling give this home a mid-century feel that makes you feel like you've traveled back in time in the best way. These mid-century elements can be seen throughout the house, even in the bedrooms where antique dressing tables and wardrobes line the walls.

Hancock, New York, United States

In the middle of a forest in the Catskills is a unique structure that begs to be ogled at. The Catskill A-Frame cabin is a unique piece of architecture that — as its name suggests — was built in the form of an A-Frame in 1964.

This gorgeous restored building boasts three bedrooms spread across two floors and a space that can comfortably accommodate up to six guests. Outside the property is a not-so-distant lake, which serves as a vista for guests on the first and third floors. But even closer than that is a quiet stream that offers a soothing soundtrack when the windows open. Inside the property is an open-plan living space that boasts a dining set that seats 10 people and features a floor-to-ceiling glass wall with amazing views of the outside greenery. The living room, just a few feet away, creates a level of coziness and intimacy, thanks to the retro red chiminea against the concrete-slab wall.

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Located right in the heart of the Rockies, this one-bedroom cabin sits high up on Tunnel Mountain and offers its habitants an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life below. With only one bedroom, this loft cabin is perfect for solo travelers who wish for solitude and tranquility. The exterior of the house blends in with its woodsy surroundings. Its pinewood balconies, pillars, ad stick-style accents give it a rustic feel, while the rugged stone panels and pillar bases pay homage to the surrounding mountains.

Inside, the wood-burning fireplace comes with complimentary wood, so you don't have to go out into the forest to chop down your logs! In addition, this cozy cabin gives guests access to not one but two shared hot tubs with unfiltered views of Banff and the Rockies. Moreover, this cabin also features a sauna that once served as an airplane chalet in the 1940s. 

Livingston, Montana, United States

The Cargill-Earl Guesthouse at Erik's Ranch is unique in many ways. For one, it features an impressive list of activities, from trail rides to white water rafting to horseback riding and skiing. But even more impressive than these group adventures is the intention behind the property. This Livingston, Montana, guesthouse is run by young adults on the autism spectrum. The company, Erik's Ranch, is an NGO that offers neurodivergent people the opportunity to have careers in hospitality as ski instructors, sous chefs, horse groomers, and so much more.

The guesthouse can be found on 230 acres of land and offers incredible views of the planes and distant mountains. The floor-to-ceiling glass wall — a theme with many properties on this list — offers an almost-360 view of the gorgeous landscape surrounding the property. While the furnishings are simple woods and fabrics, the large windows bring a stunning horizon into the space, elevating the decor to a new level.

Bolton-Ouest, Quebec, Canada

Already an audaciously designed building, this Bolton-Quest cabin sits on the side of a cliff at 1,600 feet. That's right; it's etched into the side of a cliff a thousand feet from the ground. With panoramic views of the vegetation below and above and a picture of Mount Glen, this incredible architectural feat was designed to resemble binoculars, which is why it's known as — you guessed it – The Binocular.

Though they seem like two separate cabins, The Binocular is connected by a walkway that leads from one side of the building to the other. They feature floor-to-ceiling windows, helping create a sense of indoor-outdoor living. The interior is modern and minimalist, boasting clean lines and industrial furnishings, matching the house's exterior look. It has classic minimalist items like tulip dining chairs, peg leg dining table, and a boxy, low-back sectional couch.

Göreme, Nevşehir, Turkey

Göreme is a town in Cappadocia, Turkey, known for its cave homes and hot air balloons that cover the morning skies. A proud member of the sustainable tourism movement, the designers of Koza Cave Hotel took one of Göreme's most notable architectural identities — the cave homes — and created a series of 10 gorgeous eco-friendly rooms for tourists to stay in. If you're after unique views you can't get just anywhere, then this is the place for you.

The rooftop, arguably one of the most Instagrammable spots in Turkey, has been the subject of many photo opportunities, thanks to its incredible views of the hot air balloons taking to the skies at sunrise. The rooftop is decorated with mixed and matched Turkish rugs, cushions, and pillows, each designed in a riot of different colors and patterns. Inside, complex mosaics cover the textured walls, rich tapestry adorns the floors, and antique wooden furniture fills the space.

Jewett, New York, United States

The Barnhouse, as it's known, is a four-bedroom, three-bathroom cabin home located two hours from New York City. Initially built in the 19th century, this barn house sits between two mountains — Hunter and Windham Ski — and is enclosed in green vegetation. The large open-plan living area invites inhabitants into a serene space filled with green plants and rustic furniture, including a gorgeously imperfect coffee table slab in the center of the living room. Greens, browns, and whites are the palettes of this space, providing calming energies throughout.

The dining space in the area — through the front doors — seats six. On the other side of the door is a cozy swing seat suspended from the ceiling, and just further down from there is another swing set up just by the gas fireplace, built against a stone wall. The kitchen is the definition of cottagecore, boasting a gas stove and white mod-cons against brown wooden surfaces. Outside the property, and just a short walk from the front door, is a hot tub built under a gazebo overlooking an outdoor oven.

Santorini, Central Greece, Greece

Many regions are known for the white and blue structures that line the towns of Greece. While some believe these colors were picked to mimic the Greek flag, for places like Santorini, where this Airbnb is located, it's more to do with a cholera outbreak prevention plan in 1938 and the low cost of specific colors of paint (via Greek Reporter).

The interior stays mostly on theme by boasting white walls and modern white furniture with a splash of color thanks to the wooden frames and decor. The kitchen has an exciting enclave design that resembles a cave, while the main bedroom goes for a softer look and feel, complete with a lounge area. More rustic notes can be found around the property in spaces like the living room with its imperfect coffee table, TV stand, and the bookshelves in the bedrooms.

Stanley, Virginia, United States

Enclosed in the Shenandoah National Park 75 miles from Washington D.C., this luxury yurt's dome-like structure is a sight for sore eyes. The spectacular building features a high cone ceiling entirely paneled with wood, with a small skylight at its center. Below is an open-plan living area with modern amenities. For instance, the living room has a large smart TV.

There are two black rocking chairs in the kitchen area on either side of a black wood stove, a more masculine-leaning take on the traditionally rustic design. Upstairs, in the loft, there is a pool table with colors in line with the overall space — black and ashy brown. There is another lounge area with a great view of the space below and the trees surrounding the yurt. While the living and social areas share a more modern approach, the bedrooms have a more cabin feel. The wooden walls and floor offer the classic outdoorsy energy with which yurts are often associated.