Fixer To Fabulous Shows How Personal Touches Can Help Bring Character Into A Home

Homes are more than a place to lay your head. More and more, people are choosing to get more creative with the personalized touches they infuse into a home. While many real estate experts would suggest keeping a home neutral to improve the resale value, designers are urging homeowners and renters to infuse some of themselves into their spaces. These personalized touches feel more like home and reflect the people who live there.

A personalized home is always the goal for renovating couple Dave and Jenny Marrs from HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous." The couple renovates homes for clients n Northern Arkansas and creates a space that truly reflects the owner's wants and needs. In a recent episode, the Marrses tackled a lakeside cabin in the woods that lacked a lot of character, per

Incorporating personality can be intimidating when designing your space, especially when sticking to a specific design style, but it's best just to jump in, says Posh Pennies. Allow yourself to gravitate towards what you like, and add personal touches with items that represent your family and friends to help add character over time.

Remind you of loved ones

Home is where you make a lot of your memories, so be sure to infuse that when choosing design ideas. On "Fixer to Fabulous," the Marres' client Allyn explains how she toured the cabin with her late mother and saw two woodpeckers in the yard, according to To Allyn, these woodpeckers were a sign of the cabin being their forever home. To commemorate this touching story, Jenny Marrs found a wallpaper that looked like trees for the primary bedroom and had a local painter add woodpeckers to the trees. Not only is this a beautiful décor feature, but it also is a tribute to Allyn's mother.

Incorporate your own loved ones, memories, and special moments into your home décor. You'll always be surrounded by the people you love. How you incorporate friends and family will look different for every person. A classic way is with family photos, but you can find inside jokes or memories like ticket stubs or concert bracelets to commemorate special memories.

Bring family and friends together

How you incorporate your family or friends doesn't only have to be through décor. You can make practical renovations that allow your loved ones to gather together. On the episode of "Fixer to Fabulous," the clients Aaron and Allyn love making pizza, so the Marrses added a pizza oven to the kitchen, per This little special touch is simple and speaks to something the couple likes to do with their family. Plus, it creates a fun family activity that everyone can look forward to when they visit the cabin. And as the kids get older, they'll be able to come back. It's the perfect feature to make future memories around.

Get inspired by this and add places where your friends and family can get together. Consider how you like to spend time together. If you like playing games or watching movies together, you may want to prioritize the living space with large sofas and coffee tables where you can place food and drinks as well as board games and cards. If you like hosting large groups for dinners, consider emphasizing the dining room and kitchen. Personalizing your space based on lifestyle will aid in bringing your loved ones together.