The Unique Countertop Finish That Will Upgrade Your Kitchen, According To HGTV's Property Brothers

Countertops can add a beautiful accent to your kitchen, but many homeowners tend to focus on the color and material over anything else. Statement marble with bold colors and contrasting graining has dominated kitchen trends of late. Granite is another option that comes in a variety of colors, including traditional whites and tans and more unique reds and blues, according to Popular Mechanics, while quartz is also a popular choice because of its durability and low maintenance.

Although you shouldn't abandon these criteria when looking for the perfect countertop, there are some other decisions you can make to create an elevated design. HGTV's Jonathan and Drew Scott highlight their preferred finish over the traditional choices that most homeowners make. The brothers add a unique countertop to the home of one of their clients on an episode of "Property Brothers: Forever Home," and the stunning results might sway you to do the same.

Mad about matte

For most kitchen countertops, a shiny finish is often the default or go-to option, but Jonathan and Drew suggest trying the unexpected. "A quartz countertop doesn't have to have a polished look," Drew Scott says (per Realtor.) In the episode "It Takes a Village," the renovating pair choose a honed finish for the quartz counters.

Honed counters have a non-reflective matte finish, according to Distinctive Marble and Granite, which can give your kitchen a chic and modern look. The surface of the stone is smooth and flat, while the lack of shine adds a unique texture to the room. Jonathan and Drew opt for honed counters to make them look more like concrete in honor of their client Jessica's late husband, who was a skateboarder. Drew Scott likes the finish of honed quartz so much that he states, "in fact, I have it on my perimeter counters. It doesn't have any sheen to it at all."

Matte counters in your kitchen

Matte counters can certainly give your kitchen a unique look, but it might not be the best idea if you have a dark kitchen or one that lacks natural light, says Keystone Granite. This porous surface can actually absorb light, which can make an already dull space look feel somewhat dingy. Conversely, if you have a kitchen with plenty of natural light you may want to reduce glare, which is one of the benefits of a honed finish.

When opting for a matte countertop, keep the material in mind. Marble can look great in a matte finish, however, the colors in granite might become dull after being sanded down. Moreover, honed counters also come with specific maintenance and upkeep needs. The matte surface doesn't hide fingerprints and superficial spotting as well as a polished surface, according to Academy Marble, so daily cleaning to prevent staining is necessary. Having your countertop sealed two to four times a year is a must to maintain the appearance and prevent damage.