This Cleaning Hack Will Make It Instantly Easier To Disinfect Your Shower

Cleaning and disinfecting your bathroom can be an arduous task but a necessary one. Your shower is meant to be where you feel clean, but bacteria can lurk on the walls, grout, and even on the curtain or doors. Giving these units a good scrub once a week will help keep dirt and grime at bay, but there is a helpful hack that can make the job a little easier while you're at it.

Store-bought disinfectants and cleaners are useful for removing dirt, mold, mildew, and any other residue that sticks around your shower. Insider recommends keeping a hard water remover around, as many homes tend to feature this type over soft. Hard water can leave limescale and other buildups, which can harden and calcify over time. It's also wise to have an extendable cleaning tool that can scrub the higher areas of your shower to ensure everything is getting the proper attention. These, combined with the upcoming trick, will keep your shower fresh for every use.

Clean with steam

It's no surprise to learn that steam is effective in helping to clean surfaces. Production Machining notes that hot water molecules move faster than cool molecules, offering a much better cleaning effect that softens the surface's tension. After a hot shower, the steam will make your bathroom easier to scrub, allowing for a deeper clean that can remove more bacteria, dirt, buildup, and minerals from hard water.

Steam loosens up grime but also adds its own disinfecting element. recommends bringing a magic eraser or sponge into the shower and using it to wipe down surfaces as soon as you've finished rinsing off. By removing excess water and soap immediately, you're helping to keep the walls from collecting stains, mildew, and detritus down the line. The steam works to assist in removing these elements, too. Once everything has been wiped down and worked on with a sponge, using a thick microfiber cloth to dry surfaces will aid the overall process.

The best time is after finishing a shower

Cleaning your shower once a week is the best way to ensure it stays immaculate, though Merry Maids suggests adjusting this timeline depending on how many people use the bathroom. The more family members shower in the same unit, the more often it should be wiped down. Because this hack takes place as soon as someone is done washing, it's easy to tackle as long as the cleaning supplies are nearby.

Let the steam remain in the room by closing the door, holding it in while you wipe down grout, walls, doors, and the faucet. Eco-friendly cleaners are ideal for use around the house, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, where you spend a lot of time and are exposed more closely to chemicals. Because steam and moisture can carry substances through the air, investing in human-friendly products is beneficial. Happy cleaning!