Nearly 30% Of People Agree On Which Window Covering Is Best For The Living Room - Exclusive Survey

The windows to your home can be one of its most attractive features. They give you a nice view of your property while also allowing natural light and fresh air to fill the room. As far as design features go, having big beautiful windows also gives you the extra space to hang window coverings. These additions have both decorative and functional purposes. From a design standpoint, unique coverings can be made in a wide variety of options, such as blinds, drapes, or curtains, and take on any pattern or color you can imagine. For functionality, the window treatment you choose can also help you to regulate how much light you want in the room, keep the interior of your home private, and help to protect your floors, décor, and furniture from sun fading, according to H. Sewing Drapery.

However, when it comes to design, we at House Digest wanted to know what was the ideal way people choose to cover their windows. So, in a House Digest exclusive survey, we asked 629 folks, "Which type of window covering would you prefer for your living room?" Here are their responses.

These styles of blinds topped our exclusive survey

Of the 629 people who participated in our House Digest exclusive survey, a whopping 184 — representing 29.25% of the total vote — chose wooden blinds as the best way to cover their living room windows. Natural wooden blinds can be the perfect option for your living room, as they are available in many shades and finishes. These types of blinds can blend in seamlessly with any style of décor, from modern to bohemian. Although not typically beneficial for high-humidity rooms like bathrooms as they tend to warp, they are natural insulators. This means they can help to keep UV rays out while reducing the amount of energy the living room can consume, according to Budget Blinds.

The second most popular choice for best window treatment was drapes, selected by 137 people, or 21.78% of those who participated. Drapes and curtains remain a favored choice as they are inexpensive and come in varying lengths, colors, and patterns. While pulled open, they can add a stylish accent to your living windows. Shades were the next best option, as chosen by 101 folks or 16.06% of the total vote. Shades can be quickly pulled down to offer privacy and protection from the sun. However, anyone who knows will recall the challenges that come along with stuck mechanisms and tangled pull strings.

These window coverings rounded out our survey

Light-filtering curtains were the best option according to 80 people, or 12.72% of those who participated in our House Digest exclusive survey. These window coverings allow light to pass through into the room even when they are closed. By limiting the natural light and UV rays, these curtains reduce the heat that comes from the sunshine. This way, you can have all the brightness while keeping the room from rising temperatures, according to North Solar Screen. The woven fabric also helps to keep the room private.

Sixty-six folks, or 10.49% of the total survey, said they prefer vinyl blinds in their living room. These blinds are a low-maintenance, moisture-resistant, and affordable option for when you are looking for new window treatments. However, vinyl blinds have the disadvantage of not being very durable as well as being poor insulators that actually absorb heat, as per Zebra Blinds. Finally, sheer curtains were chosen by 61 people or 9.70% of those who voted. Sheer curtains are oftentimes made of polyester material and aid in diffusing and softening the natural light that comes through the window. The flowing feel and wispy look of these curtains can be a nice alternative to heavy drapery.