How To Decorate Your Nursery Like HGTV's Mina Starsiak Hawk

If you know anything about Mina Starsiak Hawk, host of HGTV's "Good Bones," you know that her style is mostly modern and bohemian with some glamorous elements sprinkled throughout. This is demonstrated in her house tour, featured on the Rachael Ray Show, which shows sleek white marble counters in the kitchen, boho oriental rugs in the living room, music room, and formal dining space, and gold accents on many of the furniture pieces and decorations.

Those who love her style may want some pointers on how to infuse these features into their children's nurseries. Because Hawk is a mother of two to her older son Jack and her younger daughter Charlie, she has quite a bit of experience with including her favorite elements in a baby's space. Further, since she's designed two nurseries, one for each of her children but both in the same room, she has some tips on how to create the perfect setup.

Go for neutral, bohemian vibes

Mina Starsiak Hawk isn't into using traditional colors in nurseries; Instead, she opts for mostly neutrals, which will make it easy to transition the room between genders. She told House Beautiful, "I knew I wanted more than one [child], and I'm not super like 'paint it pink or blue' anyways." At the same time, if you want to add a bit of color, you could do so through the smaller accents in the room. For instance, for her son Jack's nursery, she hung blue curtains, decorated with colorful alphabet hangers, and included a yellow patterned area rug, per HGTV.

Further, you can add texture with bohemian elements. This could be done through wall-hanging tapestries and tasseled stools, both featured in Jack's room. In her daughter Charlie's room, she added a woven basket, an oriental rug, and a mirror bordered in natural wood. To make it a bit more luxurious, install a chandelier with beaded tassels, just like Hawk did in both her children's nursery designs, and a plant in the corner will complete the whole look.

Splurge on certain furniture pieces

When deciding what to change in the nursery for her daughter, Charlie, Mina Starsiak Hawk says that she learned which things you need to splurge on, as they can wear out fast. For instance, she suggests getting a high-quality rug because, in her words, "It's crazy how high of a traffic area I feel like the nursery is," per House Beautiful. She also recommends spending a bit more money on a rocking chair. While she got an inexpensive one for Jack's room, she quickly discovered that a higher-quality piece was well worth the money, as it would last longer and feel cozier.

Another must-have in the nursery is a place to store things like toys and extra items. In both of her children's spaces, she used a simple white ladder bookshelf, on which she displayed cute toys and personal pieces like picture frames. She also placed decorative storage bins on these shelves to keep all the less aesthetic items organized.