The Best Companies To Buy Your Garden Seeds From

One of the best things about planning your garden is shopping for seeds. Do you remember the excitement of the arrival of the annual Sears catalog? It's like that except better because almost everything is just a few dollars, and you enjoy the results throughout the growing season. Trying to decide which seed companies to order from can be overwhelming. According to LiveAbout, most seed catalogs are free to request, and there are many from which to choose. In addition to paper catalogs, some seed companies keep prices down by only selling online.

Many companies have a specialty. Some sell large quantities for large-scale growers for a discount, while others offer specialty seeds that are difficult to find anywhere else. Are you looking for wildflowers to attract bees and butterflies to your garden? Yep, some companies specialize in that, too. Here are some of our favorite companies for buying seeds, no matter what you want to grow.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Adventurous gardeners looking for unique plants and varieties will love Baker Creek Heirlooms Seeds. After its humble beginnings in Missouri in 1998, Baker Creek has expanded to become the largest heirloom seed company in the United States, distributing about 1.4 million catalogs yearly. Enchanted Gardens states this company also offers many Asian and European seed varieties. There is another reason this catalog is so popular. Aside from offering around 1,000 heirloom seed varieties, the catalog is a gardener's dream with full color, glossy photos, and vivid descriptions of unique varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. They also offer a small collection of live plants.

You can order Baker Creek Seeds by mail or through the website. One of the benefits of ordering online is they offer reviews from people who have tried growing the plants you are interested in. Maybe you have your eye on a variety of tomatoes you have never seen before. You can read the reviews online to learn more about it. Order your free catalog from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Botanical Interests

Botanical Interests is a favorite of organic gardeners. Business Wire reports this company offers over 650 Non-GMO Project Verified varieties of seeds. According to their FAQ page, they have "Signed the Safe Seed Pledge" and use a third company to verify their seeds are free of GMOs. Botanical Interests started in a garage in 1996 and continues to be popular among all types of gardeners because of its frame-worthy seed packets that feature gorgeous botanical prints and all the information you need to know about growing the seeds within. This company also has a seed donation program that supports charities that teach children and veterans how to garden.

If you're too impatient to wait for the catalog, you can find Botanical Interests seeds in many garden centers, but there is plenty of time to request your copy of the 2023 seed catalog. A digital version is also available on that page, allowing you to peruse all 96 pages without waiting.

Park Seed

There is something for every gardener at Park Seed. One of the oldest seed companies in the U.S., this outfit started in the late 1860s and, by 1918, had distributed over 180,000 catalogs to customers. With over 100 years of experience producing seed catalogs, Park Seed remains a staple among gardeners, according to Fine Gardening.

Although the company was created before electricity was common in American homes, it has not stayed in the dark ages. They have an app called Seed to Spoon to help gardeners know when and how to grow plants in their specific USDA Hardiness Zone. Park Seed offers seeds for all kinds of garden plants as well as a large variety of live plants, trees, and bulbs. They also sell many supplies, so Park Seed can be a one-stop shop for everything you need to start your garden. You can request a free catalog or check out the e-catalog here.

Renee's Garden

Flower lovers, this one is for you. Although Renee's Garden sells a variety of vegetables and herbs, this company is most well-known among gardeners for its amazing array of flowers. Not only can you buy packets of individual flower varieties, but Renee's Garden also sells special packets with the perfect combination for certain types of gardens. By selecting the Hummingbird Garden bonus pack, you can get the best seeds to attract those beautiful little birds. Other specialty blends include the Beekeepers Mix and Scatter Garden seeds to grow wildflowers.

According to their About Us page, Renee's Garden has also signed the Safe Seed Pledge, so you know that the seeds you buy have not been chemically treated and are safe for beneficial insects and birds. Beyond flowers, Parade states the crew at Renee's Garden focuses on selling vegetables and herbs that are the best tasting and most nutritious. Although they no longer print a catalog, you can browse and order their impressive variety of seeds online.

Dollar Seed

If you are trying to stick to a budget while growing your garden, check out Dollar Seed. Although they sell all their regular-sized seed packs for just $1 each, their website clearly states that quality is their priority. The company offers consumers natural, hybrid, and heirloom flowers, seeds, and greenery. While you will not find a lot of specialty varieties at Dollar Seed, you will encounter tried-and-true cultivars like Kentucky wonder green beans, a market of more than 76 cucumbers, and black-seeded Simpson lettuce. 

Shopping at Dollar Seed is an excellent place to find your favorite seeds and a great way to grow new veggies without worrying about wasting money. Maybe this is your year to try growing luffa gourds finally! As Bunny's Garden mentions, Dollar Seed also sells some seeds in bulk for those with extra large or market gardens. Since this company passes on its savings to the consumer, it does not have a print catalog, but the website is easy to navigate to find exactly what you need.