The Best Way To Wash Your Silk Sheets To Keep Them Wrinkle-Free

Silk sheets are the epitome of luxury. Not only do they feel soft against the skin, but Ethical Beddings says they have many other benefits, including regulating the body's temperature throughout the night since the fabric is so breathable. It turns out that this is so important to get into a deep slumber, according to Noom Coach Christina Graham. She tells the Huffington Post, "Our body temperature begins to drop about two hours before bedtime, coinciding with the release of the sleep hormone melatonin. Our core temperature drops throughout the night and then slowly rises towards the morning as we wake."

Since silk sheets are a game-changer for your bedroom's aesthetic and getting a restful sleep, taking care of them is paramount. If you are wondering how to keep this material wrinkle-free after machine-washing and drying, keep reading to see all the valuable tips to get rid of the messy appearance of wrinkles while keeping the fabric in great shape.

Tips on having smooth, wrinkle-free silky sheets after they are washed

First, Mulberry Park Silks advises that you take a good look at the instructions for properly caring for your sheets before putting them in the washer. The company suggests keeping all of your silk products together by using a mesh bag while washing, choosing a detergent that can handle the fabric's delicate nature, and ensuring that you carefully dry your sheets. They advise letting them air dry outside, but never in direct sunlight — and do not wring the water out as this could cause further wrinkles and damage.

While you may be tempted to put your silky sheets in the dryer so the wrinkles disappear, Fine Linen and Bath says that they will naturally come out a few days after washing once you put them on your bed, so a little patience goes a long way! However, if you need a quick fix, there are options, but it's necessary to dry your sheets the safest way possible.

Use caution if you decide to machine dry or iron your silk sheets

Lastly, if you decide to use the dryer, Mulberry Park Silks says to put it on the air dry setting, so the heat doesn't damage them, and set your timer for 15 minutes at maximum. They also say not to use any ​​dryer sheets or dryer balls with this type of fabric. You'll also want to check on them throughout the process to ensure they don't get ruined.

If you opt to use an iron, you should proceed cautiously by putting it on at the lowest temperature possible to keep your sheets from getting damaged. Like all things, preparation is vital. Lily Silk says to iron after you take your sheets out of the washing machine when they are damp for the best results. Another major tip to keep in mind is ensuring that your iron is clean because if it isn't, your sheets can stain. The company suggests ironing on the backside to avoid this issue. With these ideas in mind, your silk sheets will be wrinkle-free and remain in great shape for longer.