Lucky Dates You Should Consider When Moving To A New Home, According To Feng Shui

There are few practices today that embody Eastern mysticism as feng shui does. The ancient Chinese tradition, which has been around for thousands of years, comes from Taoism and is driven by the idea that there is an unseen life force, or chi, that has the power to affect us. And while Feng Shui Nexus says modern science can provide many logical explanations for the beliefs and principles that power feng shui, the idea that there is an unseen force that can either bring fortune or help skirt bad luck continues to attract many believers to this day.

One of the ways feng shui continues to be actively practiced by its proponents is in deciding when to relocate to a new space and, most notably, a new home. This is particularly true since a move like this is meant to be a reset — representing a clean break with the past and starting all over again. As such, feng shui masters believe the only way to do this is to pick a lucky day to make your move.

Good days and bad days to make a move

Generally speaking, Your Chinese Astrology says there are four good days when moving house should not be a problem. There is a Cheng Day, a good day to finish everything you might have started; Horse Day, the sixth day of a lunar month; Ecliptic Day, an auspicious day to get things done; and San He, or triple harmony day, touted as a good moving day. There are bad days to make a move, too. Your Chinese Astrology identifies these days as Bai Day (failure day), Break Day (misfortune day), and Heidao Day (bad for everything).

Unfortunately, picking a lucky day to move is not always straightforward, but consulting the lunar calendar for a good day to pack your bags simplifies the process and ensures everyone in your household is protected. Instead of figuring out which dates might work, you're also better off visiting sites like The Packers Movers, which provides charts that identify dates that don't work with certain birth signs. For instance, while January 24 might be considered a lucky day for a move, it is a bad one for anyone born under the year of the rat — so if there are any rats in your household, that day can't be considered lucky.

There are other things you can do to improve your luck

Fung Shui doesn't just determine the right day to move into a new home because there is a right time too. As Singapore feng shui Master David Tong tells Shopee, daytime is always a good time to move because it allows for good energy. And once all that has been set, Shopee says a big part of the feng shui ritual involves rolling a pineapple (fresh, not canned), from the front door to your living room, as a way of calling on the fates to allow money to flow. The practice of rolling a pineapple can be traced back to the fruit's Chinese name, which is a homograph for the Chinese wish of inviting good luck. 

Other moving day practices involve opening your windows, switching all electrical appliances on, and letting the water run out of all your taps for about five minutes. There is also the practice of sprinkling salt and rice or tea leaves around the corners of your new house to ask the gods for bounties and scare off ghosts on spirits. This food mixture is meant to sit in your new home for three days before it is cleaned up and taken away, per Shopee.