5 Elegant Flooring Options To Elevate Your Home

Elegant flooring is continually being redefined, and we are here for it. The wide oakwood floors have had quite a run, and the light and bright aesthetics familiar to trending spaces are starting to shift in popularity. While farmhouse vibes will be acceptable for the foreseeable future, homeowners are beginning to explore their individuality within their respective abodes and thinking about new ways to present that.

Belong reported that over 100 million home renovations have been completed since 2019, with flooring being one of the three most common renovations. At just over $3,500 a project, this is right up there with HVAC repairs and water heater replacements in terms of popularity. So today, we are going to discuss five flooring options on the rise. These options cater to a variety of aesthetics, budgets, and preferences pertaining to maintenance. Ready to rip out that carpet and dated wallpaper? Let's dive right in!

Herringbone hardwood

Herringbone hardwood floors are a timeless option that spans back centuries. Saroyah Hardwoods reports that this pattern first emerged in the streets of the Roman Empire. Their initial popularity came about as builders in the late 17th century sought a more affordable and less tedious option than marble. As this design originated for royalty, it's no wonder it adds such an elegant touch to any room. 

With wide oakwood flooring and its budget-friendly substitutes becoming increasingly commonplace among new construction and renovation properties, homeowners are looking for wood flooring that is a bit more dynamic and interesting. Herringbone hardwood floors offer movement, style, and a flair that always gets visitors talking. Home Flooring Pros says that herringbone hardwood floors cost between $12 and $28 per square foot, depending on the wood type. Whether a Victorian estate or a rustic farmhouse, this flooring will be an elegant home feature for the foreseeable future.

Grand porcelain tile

Grand porcelain tile is a particularly striking floor option that is versatile, highly durable, and low maintenance. Tile Trader notes that this flooring works exceptionally well in areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as high-traffic spaces. Larger-sized tiles can create a sense of grandeur and palatial sensibility that elevates any room. It always performs, whether it be a Mediterranean beige or jet black.

Although on a slightly higher budget, this flooring choice will keep your cleaning to a minimum. A soft brush and a mixture of heated water and vinegar can effectively clean the tile and keep the floor moistened for several minutes. Afterward, wash with even warmer water before drying with a cloth. Because this material is more stain-resistant than most, one of the perks of paying extra for this finish is you don't have to be as careful when cleaning it.

Checkerboard calacatta marble

If you want to add a slightly English and classic flavor to a grand foyer or a kitchen, checkerboard calacatta marble is an outstanding choice. We're The Whites points out that checkerboard flooring has been around since ancient Egypt but has reappeared repeatedly throughout various design trends throughout history. It is a style that is both unexpected but familiar to a visitor and leaves a stately impression. Chrissy Marie Blog notes that it is important to consider the size of the checkerboard tile when designing the floor.

In a grand space, the tiles should also be larger to reflect a sense of scale. Clogging a larger area with tiny checkerboard tiles would overwhelm the eyes. Vice-versa, a smaller space would show better with smaller tiles. Trying to fit overly large tiles in a small room like a bathroom will make it appear choppy and unrefined.

Funky vinyl

Light and bright is out and moody and emotive is back. In particular, warm hues and earthy tones are making a strong return, and funky vinyl tiles reminiscent of the 1970s will be a surefire way to achieve this look. If you are a first-time homeowner looking for an affordable option, funky vinyl flooring is a wonderful option that will not break the bank. Wide Plank Floor Supply reports that vinyl flooring can be anywhere from ½ to ⅕ of the price of hardwood floors. They can achieve many looks and show exceptionally well in darker colors.

Furthermore, like porcelain tiles, they are easy to clean, which can be done in various ways: WD-40 for rough marks, baking soda for stains, and water and vinegar for basic washing. However, these floors are a bit more easily affected due to their lower prices. But, on the other hand, they are equally forgiving in their maintenance. If replacing a carpet on a starter home is the goal, dark vinyl flooring is a great place to start.

Concrete flooring

Concrete offers an industrialized finish that works spectacularly in modern aesthetics, rooms that emphasize clean lines, and loft-style spaces that warrant a lower maintenance approach. This is a rigid material and can last an exceptionally long time. That said, it does get cold more easily than some of these other options, so keep that in mind.

HGTV notes that there are some major pros to considering this material. For one, there is a vast range of prices from a couple of dollars a square foot to over $25 a square foot. Concrete material can be customized for a chic, clean, or futuristic style. Furthermore, it also avoids damage in the face of scents, water, stains, and fire. Homeowners can also place a sealer over concrete to prevent stains and keep the finish in even greater condition. While many wouldn't consider it because of their limited exposure to concrete, there are many amazing configurations of this material.