The TikTok Hack That Will Make Your Home Smell Great

A cozy, welcoming home is created by many different elements, but nothing is as inviting as a house that smells good. Entering a space that exudes appealing scents can easily win anyone over, giving them a rush every time they inhale. Whether your signature home fragrance is warm and sugary, like vanilla, or earthy and calming, people appreciate visiting somewhere that includes a good aromatic experience. Candles and wall plug-ins are a great way to invite nice smells into your home, but TikTok has a hack that could elevate your scent game.

People's everyday emotions are dictated by their senses, and scent is one of the biggest factors in how you register feelings. If you enter a building or house that smells good, your mood and emotions are instantly uplifted and shift to a positive state of mind. According to Edge Homes, memories are tied to specific scents, which is why the part of the brain that houses recollections is triggered by smells. If you wander into a room that brings up fond memories, you feel connected to that space even more. By using this hack to bring more aromatic engagement into your home, you'll give your friends, family, and guests a truly wonderful and unique experience every time they visit.

Super sliders & essential oils

TikTok is filled with helpful tricks and tips for homeowners, and many of these hacks are easy to replicate. One user posted a video with a suggestion on how to make your home smell even better and it is surprisingly simple but oh-so-clever. TikTokker @Martinedelasoul shows her followers that all they need to make their own "scent stickers" are some Super Sliders and essential oils. Super Sliders are foam or felt circles that have an adhesive side that can be stuck onto furniture. Their main intention is to help easily move larger pieces like couches, tables, and chairs, across hardwood surfaces.

There are several different types of sliders, but Martine uses felt options for her purposes. After removing the Super Sliders from the packaging, you can apply a layer of essential oil to the felt. She coats the entire surface of the non-adhesive side with a Red Berry & Oak scent, but her video makes it clear that watchers can use any aroma they prefer. Once the slider has been scented, Martine removes the adhesive and sticks it to the inside of a cupboard.

Stick them anywhere!

This hack is incredibly easy to try and gives each room an extra fragrance boost without requiring diffusers, candles, or plug-ins. You also have the option to stick the felt pad onto a surface first, then add the essential oil after it is stuck on. Commenters on the video did mention placing these pads in areas that weren't as accessible to animals because the oils could be bad for them.

While placement is important, especially if you have kids or pets, as long as these pads are used safely, they can benefit your home in many ways, including adding a good fragrance. RTK Environmental Group notes that essential oils are good for more than just making a room smell like a specific scent — in fact, these products can purify the air, too. Scents that come from plants are especially purifying because they originally served the purpose of preventing mold in flowers.