Why You Shouldn't Put Your Couch In Front Of A Window, According To Feng Shui

As soon as you step inside a home, you can get a sense of the vibe immediately. Things like clutter and furniture placement affect how you feel in a space at any given time. Believe it or not, an unorganized space that is filled with unnecessary stuff can mess with the natural flow of a home. As Healthline explains, the beloved feng shui principles from ancient China that have become popular across the world bring balance back to your home's energy. Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan tells the outlet, "If you create a balanced representation in your home, it can reflect how you're reacting to outside experiences. It becomes a metaphor for everything in life."

When decorating your living space, you'll decide where to put the TV, coffee table, chairs, and of course, the couch which is often the largest piece of furniture and, therefore, a focal point. Pertaining to feng shui's basic tenets, sofa placement must be strategic, and situating it in front of a window is a no-go.

A couch in front of a window is not recommended

The main reason you're not going to want to use the precious space in front of your window for your couch is that, as expected, it will affect your views. House Tipster explains that putting a sofa in front of a window is the metaphorical equivalent of turning your back on any incredible views your home may have, such as a mountain or a lake, which you wouldn't want to hinder, would you? While this makes logical sense, there's more. Not only is the couch now blocking what you see, it's placement is disrupting the space's positive energy flow or chi. Ultimately, this is problematic for keeping your space light, organized, and comfortable. 

If you want to keep your home filled with plenty of positive energy and also keep your gorgeous views of nature unobstructed in order to enjoy them, there's a specific couch placement that will cover all of your bases.

Here's where you'll want to put your couch

To keep your home's living area from getting a negative vibe, consider using basic feng shui principles when planning the room's layout. Instead of situating your couch in front of a window, it would be best to push it against a wall to create a sense that it's a safe space, which is essential in any home. To increase the positive energy even more, add mirrors to reflect light and make the room feel airy and more spacious. Also think about selecting a sofa with round edges as opposed to square, and add a clock to the wall. Use these ideas and more to create the perfect ambiance.

House Tipster adds that it's a good idea to bring in a bowl of crystals to show off on your coffee table, but more importantly, the company shares that in order to keep the energy positive and flowing throughout, be sure to place your seating so that your guests can always view the front door. As long as your couch is not in front of a window, your home will emanate an excellent feeling for all who visit.