How And When You Should Set Up Your Bed In Your New Home, According To Feng Shui

Arranging a room can be challenging, and finding the right place for furniture while working with details such as doorways and windows presents even more difficulty. Keeping lifestyle and flow in mind is an excellent place to start, but feng shui can offer options for the best placement of certain objects. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that translates to "the way of wind and water," according to National Geographic. This ancient art aims to create harmony and balance of chi.

Organizing elements in your home in specific ways brings in positive chi and keeps out negative chi, according to feng shui. This includes moving into your new home as well as where you place items. If you're about to start fresh in a new place, bring in as much good energy as possible. These feng shui guidelines of when and where to place your bed will have good luck flowing.

First, select a lucky date

The first step to increasing your luck and improving your chi in feng shui is choosing an auspicious day to move into a new home and set up the bed. These days are found on the lunar calendar, which is based on moon cycles and star movements, according to The Chinese Zodiac. There are auspicious days for many of life's largest events, such as weddings and doing business. Each day is associated with an element that has different qualities. Earth, for example, represents stability and growth, ideal for building a good home life.

The lucky days for moving into a new home are Cheng Day, San He Day, Horse Day, which is the sixth day of a lunar month, and Ecliptic Day, according to The Packers Movers. In February, lucky dates for moving include the 6th, 14th, 18th, 20th, 22nd, and 26th. It's also important to choose a date that doesn't clash with your animal sign, according to Picture Healer. However, you don't have to do everything on the lucky day you choose. You can move in on one lucky day and set your bed up on another.

Bed placement is important

When applying feng shui to your bedroom, you want to create a space that promotes serenity and rest. For bed placement, choose a commanding position. Being in this pivotal point has the bed facing the bedroom door but not directly in front of it, according to Dreams. It's also important not to have your bed in front of a mirror as this invites distraction into your bedroom. You'll also want to avoid having a bed in front of a window, which can lead to disruptive energy flow while you sleep.

Your bed should have a headboard because that aids in feelings of stability and support, according to Mind Body Green. If the bed does not have its own headboard, you can use a separate one. But be sure the bed and headboard are attached securely. Opt for one with solid wood or upholstered rather than one with bars or see-through elements. And to aid in a relaxing sleep environment, choose bedding made from natural fibers in soft tones.