Why You Should Keep Chinese Bells In Your Home, According To Feng Shui

The purpose of Chinese bells is twofold: to remove unwanted energy and to bring forth positivity. Even with the practice of feng shui in place, the vibrational energy of a home can fluctuate over time and even become heavy or stagnant. You can use several tactics to diffuse negative vibes and get energy moving again, but bells are almost effortless. Placing them in and around the home is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity because whenever they make sound, they break up and clear out clogged energy. Wind chimes also work!

If you want to encourage the arrival of good news and create a barrier to negativity, Feng Shui Tricks says to place a bell at your front door. Each time the bell rings, its melody activates positive energy. Hanging bells or chimes outside can also keep bad energy away. To draw the attention of the universe, hang these where they will often ring, recommends Peace Love Feng Shui. Also, bells can be placed all around your home to help incorporate the metal element of feng shui, which deals with mental clarity and logic.

Types of feng shui bells

Many Chinese bells feature symbols used in feng shui, such as tigers, elephants, fish, or Buddha. According to Feng Shui Gallary, tigers ward off evil spirits and aid in protecting the home. A bell with an elephant on it represents harmony in family relationships, strength, and good luck, says China Market Advisor. Those with carp or goldfish are thought to bring prosperity and abundance, while bells featuring Buddha call for true happiness, goodness, and harmony. Other popular designs include a solo dragon or a dragon with a phoenix, which can represent yang or yin-yang energy, explains Unique Feng Shui. And you can even get a Chinese bell featuring a hare! Chinese coins within the bell are said to bring abundance.

Feng shui bells can be easily purchased online from large retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart and individual resellers on eBay and Etsy. Most bells can be found between $8 and $97 and shipped right to your door.