The Chinese Pineapple Ritual That Is Meant To Bring Good Luck To Your New Home

If you've recently moved into a new home, you want to ensure it has good juju. Some ways to help you accomplish this could be using your favorite feng shui principles. The focus should be on your furniture's placement, including learning that you shouldn't place a couch in front of your window and ensuring not to put a sink next to the stove in the kitchen since fire and water don't mix.

Doing rituals to bring good luck to your abode is one way to manage the space's flow and its energy or vibe. According to The Lorry, one unique option is the pineapple ritual, a popular way to create a positive environment by employing good luck in your brand-new home. If you're wondering what to do for this well-known custom, keep reading to see why you may want to christen your home on your first day with this pineapple ritual.

Why you'll want to roll a pineapple in your home on day one

The first day you move into your new home, you'll want to partake in luck-making traditions. According to Home Reno Guru, after you declutter your space, consider the layout, and bring in good luck items and plants, you must make it a point to roll a pineapple throughout your home. The company says to ensure you are getting on your hands and knees to do this and not just kicking the pineapple through your residence. This ensures the popular ritual works appropriately.

Home Reno Guru also mentions paying close attention to where the lucky fruit stops so you know the "fortune position" in your home. They also say you can chant "Huat ah," which means wishing "yourself prosperity." The Lorry points out that if you don't know Mandarin, chanting prosperity-type messages in English will also work, and you can focus on money or your health commentary.

For more good luck in your new abode, do this

After you've gone through your new home and rolled the pineapple through every room, you won't want to stop there. According to The Lorry, you'll want to get more fruit to symbolize even more lucky energy for you and your abode. The outlet says not to enter your new home empty-handed, suggesting to take apples to keep your family safe, peaches to keep you and your loved ones in excellent health, oranges to attract wealth, and last but not least, pomegranates so you can snag every opportunity that comes your way.

Consider these tips if you want to bring even more good luck charms into your space. Taste of Home shares that citrus fruits such as oranges, kumquats, and tangerines are often a Chinese New Year gift since they symbolize wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Prosperity cakes are also an excellent idea to attract financial means when living in your new home, so if you love bringing in abundance and great vibes, these random fruits will do the trick.