Can You Use Tennis Balls In Place Of Wool Dryer Balls?

Laundry day can be an absolute drag for most people. It's one of those daily chores that never seems to end, with countless piles that take over our bedrooms and laundry areas. According to the Laundry Butler For You, most Americans are constantly tackling laundry on their to-do list, cleaning approximately 6,000 items of clothing during the span of 365 days! If you're anything like us, you surely have tested some stellar laundry hacks along the way, from using white vinegar as an alternate detergent to seeing if baking soda can truly eliminate harsh odors.

But if you're wondering if there are any dryer hacks, you're in luck. You may already know that wool dryer balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets. But if you don't have dryer balls, don't worry. Tennis balls may be well known for the sport, but many people have found that they can place tennis balls in their dryers instead of wool dryer balls. There are a few pros and cons when using tennis balls with your clothes and bedding. See if you can use these neon balls the next time you place a load in the dryer instead of taking them for a game on the court!

It can get rid of wrinkles and make pillows and comforters fluffier

You can use tennis balls as an alternative to regular wool dryer balls, but there's a caveat ... They must be new, since used balls just won't work! If you're planning to swap your wool dryer balls for those iconic green ones, there arefew of things to note on how they can benefit your items. 

One major issue with your bedding is that it can lose its fluff or vibrancy after you've been using it for several months. So tennis balls can magically help bring back the fluffiness you remember when you first bought your comforter. They can restore your main blanket like it was new, and you can also use them to make your pillows fluffier. Another problem with drying your clothes or bedding is the wrinkles that seem to form quickly, which this hack can help with. Not only can they smooth out your items, but another bonus is they can banish static cling too.

But there are a few things you want to do ...

As with any hack, there are some downsides to loading up your dryer with a few tennis balls. While your items will undoubtedly come out fluffy, there are several things to know if you will try this hack. First, Xtra points out that because tennis balls are made with rubber, your clothes could end up smelling of that unappealing scent. Some people who have tried this hack have had issues selecting the proper temperature for the tennis balls, and the outcome is they deteriorate since heat can ruin them. If you hate extra noise around the house, this dryer trick is extremely loud, so that's another consideration if your peace of mind is a concern. If your laundry room is located on another floor, it might not affect you as much. 

Lastly, the biggest issue when using this hack is that green dye from the tennis balls can, unfortunately, leak onto your clothes, depending on the temps you use. To avoid this, you can wrap the tennis balls in a pair of socks, which is a wise idea to keep your clothes safe from other stains. Martin Seeley, CEO of MattressNextDay, agrees, saying, "The tennis balls should beat the lumps out of the pillow, and the sock will prevent the dye of the tennis ball from appearing on your pillows."