How To Use Tree Branches As Home Decor

From functional to just plain fun, using tree branches inside your home is a creative and sustainable way to add décor upgrades without breaking the bank. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, bringing elements of nature into your home can also have a positive effect on your overall wellbeing. It's not even necessary for these natural elements to be alive. (Though who could say no to a few good houseplants?) Natural sunlight, stones and rocks, and of course, wood, can all increase a sense of calm and comfort in whatever room they're used to embellish.

Before you begin to branch out on your tree limb decorating adventure, keep in mind that all pieces of wood should be cleaned and disinfected before coming into your home. The experts at Roadside Lumber assert that cleaning any type of wood that's been living or stored outdoors will prevent creepy crawlies, mold, and other nasties from turning your home into theirs.

Bed frame

This may look complicated, but a simple way to construct a tree branch bed frame is to gather four similar limbs or small tree trunks, and securely fasten them to a prefabricated frame. It's not exactly a beginner-friendly DIY project, but if you have the time, patience, knowledge, and tree limbs, go forth and build.


Turn your bedroom into a scene from nature by adding bundles of thin willow branches affixed to the wall. You can also build a more formal looking headboard by piecing together larger branches and securing them with wood screws.

Light fixtures

Securely suspend a branch from the ceiling or make a chandelier that looks like a bird's nest, then interweave twinkle lights. Another idea is to make a vertical standing branch lamp that will appear as if it's growing straight up through your floorboards. Drape an individually corded bulb for a minimalist look.

Coat rack

Find a large branch with little offshoots for this project. It should be able to stand vertically, which can be achieved by adding a base or securing the bottom to the floor. Utilizing it like a vertical tension rod may work as well. Remove upper and lower offshoot branches, keeping only the ones near the middle for hooks.

Clothing rack

A smoothed down branch works best for this idea. You can either hang it from the ceiling, mount it to the wall, or make your own wooden standalone clothing rack made completely out of branches. Make sure the limb is strong enough to hold all of your clothes.


When it comes to using branches as shelving platforms, you're only limited by your wall space. Mount a few staggered branches for a unique accent piece. Or go the opposite direction and securely fasten a larger piece of fallen tree.

Jewelry holder

Branches are ideal for hanging and artfully displaying your wearable shiny baubles. You can drape your necklaces over a wall-mounted forked stick, or take it one step further and create a miniature tree that sits on your bathroom vanity.

Kitchen pot hanger

This is an inexpensive solution for maxing out viable storage space inside a small kitchen. Simply attach your branch to the ceiling (double check to make sure it won't slip out or break) and add cordage and S-hooks for hanging. This works best with lighter cookware.

Tea light pillars

Use a spade drill bit or a core drill to make holes in your tea light pillars. Lay your tree branch horizontally and cut lengths of varying sizes, drilling a hole in the top of each piece. Or, if it will stay flat, lay down your limb lengthwise and drill holes into the side of the branch.

Towel ladder

You'll need three branches of similar size and some wood screws to build your ladder. The third branch will end up being the ladder rungs, so it will get cut into three or four equal pieces. Once everything has been secured with wood screws, display your ladder in the bathroom and adorn it with towels or moisture-loving plants.

Outdoor decor

Branches can be twisted into wreathes and studded with flowers, hung with string as mobiles, or even turned into sculptures if you have enough timber lying around. Using discarded pieces of nature creates sustainable décor at its finest.

Garden trellis

One of the best places to utilize nature is in nature. You can create a pyramid shaped tomato or vine trellis by using four similar length branches secured at the top with floral wrap or twine. Add smaller branches throughout the structure for more support. Firmly stick it in the ground so it surrounds the plant inside.

Hanging plant holder

Why not display your potted plants along a sturdy piece of tree branch secured to your ceiling? Use nautical rope or macrame to hang them from the branch. For a more industrial look, you can use thin chain or cable wire.

Succulent planters

This project is similar to the tea light pillars, except you'll want to make your hole a bit deeper to keep your plants from falling out. It's not necessary to waterproof the inside of the drilled hole. These little planters also work well with air plants.