The TikTok Hack That Makes Pouring Soil Even Easier

Gardeners, landscapers, and homesteaders everywhere, listen up: There's a popular hack on TikTok that could save you tons of time and energy when pouring soil, mulch, or compost. If you've ever had to empty out countless bags of one of these materials and it has taken you all afternoon, this trick will speed up the process tremendously. Another benefit? You don't need any extra tools to complete it, just the bags of material and scissors or a pocket knife, box cutter, etc.

Because this trick is so simple and easy to execute, you'll most likely be left wondering why you've never thought of it yourself. In fact, the comments on Double Clover Farm's TikTok, which showcases the hack and has received over 10 thousand likes, demonstrate that this is a common reaction. One person said, "Now I feel like a child for not figuring this out sooner!" Another person replied, "Well I feel very silly. Why wasn't I doing it this way!"

X marks the spot

When pouring soil or mulch in the past, you've probably cut the top or the bottom of the bag straight across, then lifted it from the opposite end. However, while this may seem like the smartest method, it can also create some challenges, including that it could waste time and it's sometimes difficult to remove every last piece of dirt. Further, this also makes it easier for the bag to tear, which could create a mess.

Instead, TikToker Double Clover Farm recommends cutting a large X into the bag, then flipping it over. Instead of having to push the soil to the top or the bottom of the bag, this method will cause all of the soil to fall out at the same time. This could be especially beneficial when spreading something over a large surface that requires many bags, such as mulching around your home. Many of the comments on Double Clover Farm's video revealed how helpful this simple trick has been for them. One person said, "Mixing my soil for my raised beds tomorrow. Bless you for this tip!"

Ways to reuse soil bags

While there was plenty of positive feedback on Double Clover Farm's TikTok, there was also one main complaint. Many said that this method wastes the plastic bags, and since they cannot be recycled, it's not good for the environment. One commenter said, "But I save my bags to reuse for trash. I don't mind spending more time and reusing plastic waste. Better for [the] planet than convenience is." Because the bag could still be used if it was cut from the top and not completely across the front, some wonder if it's more beneficial to take your time.

However, there are quite a few ways to reuse your split bags, even if they're cut all the way across. For instance, if you're concerned about weeds in your garden, you could poke holes in the bags and lay them down underneath your soil or mulch. Those who often upcycle furniture or other items, meanwhile, could use the material as a protective covering to keep spray paint off of surfaces. Another idea: Instead of using garden twine, these bags could be cut into long strips and used to tie plants to stakes, while those who start plants from seeds could use them as humidity domes.