How To Find Your Home's Important Feng Shui Points With Your Smartphone

All of us can use positivity in our lives, whether it comes from carrying a lucky talisman or setting up our homes so they attract as much good energy as possible, which explains why the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui has taken off in the way that it has. The practice, which means "wind and water," comes from the idea that all life is connected by a force or energy that flows through everything. Feng Shui is rooted in Taoism and is meant to help people find balance within their surroundings so that they can benefit from positive energy, per Marquette University.

While there is a general belief that using standalone items like placing fresh plants and wind chimes, as well as decorating with specific colors, are all useful in trying to attract good energy, Victor Cheung of Feng Shui Nexus begs to disagree. In an exclusive interview, Cheung tells House Digest that the practice must begin with a proper Feng Shui audit, which determines best how to bring positive energy into your home. 

Cheung says, "If you look at the Feng Shui compass (luo pan), you will see that almost each measurement has unique layers and combinations of reading. That is what's used to uncover the details of your home's Feng Shui, allowing you to audit your home's Feng Shui, make adjustments and bring good Feng Shui to your home."

Why your smartphone is important in feng shui

You might think otherwise, but It is possible to carry out a feng shui audit, even if you don't own a luo pan or a feng shui compass. There is no need for you to rush out and buy one either because you've already got access to a good compass, and it should be programmed into your smartphone. Cheung of Feng Shui Nexus tells House Digest, "In the absence of a geomancer's compass, the best tool to measure compass directions is your phone, something we all have nowadays. The ultimate goal is to (get) a compass measurement, which your smartphone can do. After getting the measurement, then you can start doing your Feng Shui audit accordingly. Just make sure you steer clear of any electronic interference. It is better to take a measurement within the house and another measurement outside the house."

While this might sound like a lot of trouble, Cheung says it is worthwhile. "There are two main schools of Feng Shui — the Form School and the Compass School. The Form School deals with what can be seen, and the Compass School deals with what cannot be seen, but can be measured by a compass," he says. "If you're not using the compass, you're missing at least half of what Feng Shui can offer. "

Start by getting your home's facing direction

As a first step, Cheung explains that it is important to identify your home's facing direction, which indicates what compass point your home really faces. Cheung says there is the idea that the front door is always where the home's facing direction is, but that isn't always the case. He tells House Digest, "To find the facing direction, you need to understand the Yin Yang theory. For the purpose of facing direction, Yang represents movement (human/vehicle traffic) and sunshine. For a single family home, it is usually the side where people will FIRST see when they want to visit you. For apartments, the facing direction is usually the side where the balcony is."

He adds, "It is extremely important to get the facing direction right. Otherwise, your whole Feng Shui audit process will be based on incorrect assumptions. Not using the right direction in Feng Shui is similar to using the wrong birth date for an astrology reading."

How to use your phone to get your feng shui compass readings

Once you've established your home's facing direction, Cheung tells Home Digest readers, "Take a screenshot on your phone. Then, use that direction to begin your Feng Shui audit. Sometimes, the compass will give you readings that are 5 degrees apart. That is natural, and you should take those into consideration. Most of the time, the difference won't amount to any significant changes in your audit. If it does, then you'll need to do the compass measurements again, preferably with a real compass this time."

The Feng Shui expert warns eaders that a proper audit can bring surprises, both good and bad. He says, "People react differently when they find out their homes weren't designed with good Feng Shui. If it is only an issue with the internal layout and floor plan, then there are plenty of ways to mitigate and remedy. Sometimes, a simple bed orientation will do the job. For others, a purchase of a Feng Shui item, such as crystals, will give them peace of mind."