30 Backyard Office Ideas That Will Transform The Way You Work From Home

While working from home has a number of benefits, it can also come with some cons. Because you live and work in the same space, it may be more difficult to find a work/life balance. Further, things in your house could keep you distracted and may make it hard to focus or be productive. You may also find that you spend all your time inside and never reap the benefits of the outdoors, like the mood-enhancing effects of fresh air or sunlight.

However, all of these cons can be avoided while working from home by setting up a home office in the backyard. Because these spaces are separated from the rest of your house and often have large windows, you can have all the comforts of working from home while still feeling the sense of productivity that comes with getting out to a dedicated workspace. There are two options for a backyard office: either create a workspace that's completely outdoors or a freestanding structure, much like a shed or tiny home, that you solely work in. We've gathered examples of both to inspire your next project.

1. Greenhouse

A greenhouse can be the perfect place to set up a simple backyard office — all you need is a table, chair, and some lush greenery to admire while you work.

2. Use wall space

This backyard office is a perfect example of how to use wall space to your advantage. Hang shelves, create storage solutions, and use a whiteboard for to-do lists or reminders. 

3. In the garden

Those lucky enough to live in a mild climate can take their workspace completely outdoors with a quick and easy setup in the garden. If you're doing this, choose outdoor furniture, or make sure to cover up the pieces each night. 

4. French doors

French doors are a great way to let in lots of light and fresh air. Placing your desk near the door will make you feel like you're outside, but with the added protection of your structure. 

5. Long wooden desk

Those who have an unused patio or deck could transform it into an office by adding a long desk to one side. You'll get bonus points if you also have a beautiful view to face while being productive. 

6. Accordion door

Similar to French doors, accordion doors will also let in the outdoors while providing protection from the elements.

7. Skylights

Skylights are another great option for natural light in a more structured home office setup — and as seen in the above example, you can even expand the workspace to accommodate multiple family members or employees.

8. Corner desk

Those who need lots of surface area should choose a wraparound desk, which could fit into a corner of the backyard office. 

9. Converted shipping container

Often converted into tiny homes, shipping containers are the perfect shell to create a backyard office. They're often inexpensive and typically 20 to 40 feet long. 

10. Large windows

To maximize your natural light and make you feel as though you are outside, add floor-to-ceiling windows to your backyard office. The black paneling adds a chic touch.

11. Keep it simple

You don't need a lavish build in your yard to make a backyard office a reality. Opt for a small and simple ADU that meets all your basic needs.

12. Wooden siding

Wooden siding provides a modern look that still feels cozy and snug. This backyard has both a freestanding building and a patio, allowing owners to choose whether to work inside or outside.

13. Transformed shed

An easy way to make a backyard office is by transforming a shed. This small shed was painted black but still has warm wood window and door trim, which creates interesting contrast.

14. Cottage vibes

While most backyard offices have a modern look, they don't have to. If you'd prefer a cottage or more traditional look, take inspiration from this small office space. 

15. Industrial look

For an industrial vibe, lean into dark tones, large windows, and straight lines. Asymmetrical buildings, such as the one above, will add to a modern look as well. 

16. Symmetrical building

On the other hand, for a more traditional look, lean into symmetry by installing matching windows on either side of the door. 

17. Rustic look

For a rustic look, cover the exterior with dark wood and install shingles on the roof. This building showcases how all four sides can have windows, something that's usually not an option for offices attached to the home. 

18. Farmhouse style

Shiplap painted white will always create a farmhouse appearance. To embrace this style, cover the exterior of your office with this material and add galvanized steel decorations. 

19. Outdoor seating area

Adding an outdoor seating area near your backyard office will allow you to choose where to work, depending upon the weather. 

20. Square frame

This home office has a symmetrical square frame with interesting windows and a small interior. When designing the inside, it would be best to have the desk facing the large doors. 

21. Large design

Those who often have meetings or work with many employees could build a large office space with multiple places to be productive.  

22. Small cabin

For a cozy vibe, use warm wood panels on the exterior and give the roof a triangular shape, which will make it look like a small cabin. 

23. Music studio

Another benefit of separating your office from your home is that, if you're a musician, you could soundproof the walls to spare the ears of family members or neighbors. Other professions that make lots of noise, such as woodworkers, could also benefit from this.

24. Tiny space

A home office doesn't have to be large. In fact, your office can be as tiny as you want it to be, especially if all you need is a laptop, desk, and chair. 

25. Rounded edges

For an ultra-modern and futuristic appearance, this office unit has rounded edges and reflective windows, providing style and privacy.

26. Welcoming appearance

To give your space a welcoming vibe, attach a pergola to the front and add flower boxes beneath the windows. 

27. Modern greenhouse

This modern-looking wooden greenhouse provides all the basics and plenty of natural light for a charming home office setup.

28. Natural look

Surrounding your space with plants and lush green grass will give you the perfect view to look at while working. This build makes use of a privacy wall with climbing greenery to make it feel completely enveloped in nature.

29. Bright color

On the other hand, to give your office a cheerful appearance, paint it a bold color that makes it stand out from the rest of your natural backyard. 

30. Indoor and outdoor lighting

Considering lighting is key to a practical home office when working early mornings or late nights. This simple unit makes use of indoor and outdoor overhead lighting.