You May Not Be Emptying Your Vacuum Cleaner Enough

It might surprise you that many household tools and supplies can function better with a few simple hacks. You use your vacuum regularly, and emptying it is second nature after the bag or vestibule gets full. While this is common practice for most people, many don't realize there is a way to get your hoover to run at a higher standard. Knowing when to empty your vacuum mainly depends on what kind of unit you have. Machines that use a bag require different care than those without, and understanding what to look for in each will ensure you're getting the most out of your cleaning device.

Not only does it help to pay attention to how full your vacuum is, but regular care and maintenance will keep it running longer and stronger. Just dumping out the vestibule or bag doesn't always cut it since hoovers regularly come into contact with everything from mold to fecal residue. As unsettling as this is to find out, it helps to know so you can give it a deep clean once a year. Scraping off debris that has stuck to the bristles and wiping the underside will remove unwanted bacteria and detritus. With a clean, fresh vacuum, all you have to think about is how often it needs to be emptied, although the answer might surprise you.

The more often, the better

Vacuums that come with a bag should actually only be used until it is half full. The most you want to fill a bag is ⅔ to the top; otherwise, the machine's integrity and power will suffer. According to Taski, if the suction isn't as strong when you're hoovering, it most likely means the bag is too full. The more that collects in it, the less power your vacuum will have when it comes to picking up debris. For this reason, emptying the bag even when it is only half full will keep your floors cleaner.

For vacuums that don't feature a bag, you should be expelling whatever it picks up when it's ⅓ filled or less. While there is still room to continue hoovering, CNet found that vacuums are more powerful when working with an empty cup or chamber than when they have to refuse collected inside. It might be an extra step while cleaning to remove whatever your vacuum sucks up, but it means you'll get the job done quicker and with better results. An added bonus to emptying the canister more often is that your floors will look and feel cleaner, which might even mean you don't have to do them again as quickly.

Vacuuming tips to get the cleanest floors

In order to get the most out of your vacuuming sessions, House Tipster recommends always checking your filters, canisters, and bags before getting started. For hoovers that run without a bag, you can also remove the filter and clean it with a cloth to get rid of dust and dirt clinging to it. Check that the bristles aren't clogged before beginning; otherwise, they might not be as effective despite an empty cup or bag. Using a crisscross pattern can help pull up grime, especially since carpet fibers can get stuck in one direction and might be hiding dirt on the underside.

Starting on the side of the room farthest from the door and moving backward will leave everything looking fresher and means you won't track anything onto the carpet as you move around. Another helpful hack is adding baking soda to your routine every few sessions. Sprinkle the powder on the floor before following up with the vacuum after it had a few hours to sit. This will help deodorize the carpets and give your rooms a cleaner feel. Regular maintenance and care will also keep your machine running longer — as will keeping an eye on how full it gets.