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TikTok Just Saved The Day With An Automatic Door Closer

As you've probably noticed, there are countless products promoted on TikTok every day. Many of these videos are captioned something like "TikTok made me buy it" and then showcase a gadget that, while unessential, could make your life easier. One of these items is an automatic door closer, which TikToker @wakeupbrund has promoted multiple times on his account. In one video, which has currently generated over 1.4 million likes, he jokes that he doesn't think the product will work and says, "I'm never buying from a small TikTok business ever again." Of course, his initial thoughts are proven wrong, as the gadget works perfectly.

While many of the comments on @wakeupbrund's post were annoyed with how unnecessary this device is, others said they thought it might be useful. For instance, some of the more positive comments read, "OMG definitely need this," "that's amazing," and "these are cool." Perhaps you'll think the same thing after learning more about this product. 

How the automatic door closer works

You can purchase a very similar item to the one showcased in @wakeupbrund's TikTok on Amazon, which retails for $10.99. It's sold by the company KAKALOUTE and claims to be both durable and easy to use. If you wanted multiple, you could save money, as a pack of two costs $16.99, and a pack of four costs $23.99. With over 2,000 ratings, this product has a 3.9-star rating. 

To install this device, simply stick the black box onto the door and the clear piece onto the door frame with the clip's opening facing upwards. Then, you can connect the steel wire cord from the black box to the clear clip. This will cause the cord to expand when you push the door open and retract back into the black box once you're inside the room, which will always keep the door closed. Keep in mind that you'll want to install it high enough, so it doesn't get in the way when you're passing through the doorway. Also, note that it may not work in rooms with thick carpet or on extra-heavy doors.

The benefits of an automatic door closer

Some of the commenters on @wakeupbrund's TikTok believed that this gadget was pointless, with one user quipping, "oh no I can't use my hand to close the door." However, while definitely unnecessary, there are a number of reasons why you may want to purchase this product for yourself. Perhaps you want to keep a pet out of a certain room in the home. For instance, one review on Amazon related that, because his wife kept forgetting to close the door, their dog kept ruining her expensive lululemon leggings. A gadget like this would ensure that your pets can't get into things they're not supposed to. 

Additionally, those who enjoy their privacy from roommates or family members may enjoy this product, as it will keep your bedroom door closed all the time. If you work from home, keeping the door permanently closed could minimize distractions made by others in the house. Many recommend keeping your doors closed as much as possible, as this can prevent the spread of a fire or smoke. Additionally, @wakeupbrund adds in another video that it's super satisfying to watch your door automatically close.