3 Of The Best-Selling Side Tables On Wayfair

Wayfair is an online retailer of furniture, with an array of products that speak to several different aesthetics. Their side tables, in particular, are one of their best-selling items and the kind of addition that can really tie a room together. While beginner homes often focus on staple purchases like sofas and coffee tables, a side table is a great visual addition to any space, and also provides additional storage. 

A common mistake that homeowners make when picking furniture is neglecting to think about their lifestyles and interests. For instance, if you like to read on the sofa, a side table with the right height for paperbacks is an important detail. Or if you have small children, choosing a glass table may not make the most sense. Whether you are looking for a minimal design or a rustic wood side table, Wayfair has lots of inventory at a range of prices to choose from. We will take a closer look at three of their strongest side tables, and compare their styles, prices, and reviews. 

Raymiah Glass 3 Legs End Table

The Raymiah Tall Glass 3 Legs End Table comes in at just under two feet tall. It is reasonably priced at just under $330, it also features a steel base that is sturdy and durable and it weighs just over 15 pounds. Glass and gold is a timeless combination, and the excellent balance of these two materials allows for this table to fit seamlessly in bedrooms, living rooms, and beyond. Wayfair notes that this product is suitable for use indoors or outside and is durable against scratching. 

Reviews for the table are positive, with customers reporting their satisfaction with how expensive the table looks and that the quality is at a high standard. However, it might not be suitable for everyone, as glass can be a hazard to those with young families, and these types of tables do need to be cleaned more regularly than others.

Alexzander Tall Sled Nesting Table

This Alexzander Tall Sled Nesting Table offers a luxury style for a moderate cost of $325. Standing at roughly a foot and a half in height, this table does not offer much in terms of storage. However, it does brighten and open up the space within a room due to its translucent material, which can be helpful for a smaller apartment. It can accommodate many different aesthetic styles, including contemporary, mid-century, and traditional. Rather than glass, the tables are made from clear acrylic, making it a good choice for those with younger families.

As a set of two tables, one is designed to slide underneath the other, taking up little space but also offering additional surface space when needed. Weighing just over 15 pounds, several customers compliment the table's light and airy qualities, while others noted that their versatile design makes them suitable for use in other rooms around the home.

Eau Claire Tall Solid Wood End Table

The fun and colorful Eau Claire Solid Wood End Table normally sells for just over $315 and has some great features. This country chic or French chateau-style end table has a distressed finish in a range of colors. It also features a hidden power unit with two outlets, making it easy to charge your phone charger or plug in an accent lamp. With no assembly necessary, this table also has inner cupboard storage and a drawer to keep your space neat and tidy.

With over 1300 reviews, customer feedback is generally positive. Homeowners love the storage space, the USB plugs, and the durable build of the table. For a more traditional home and teenagers that are always charging devices, this side table would fit those lifestyle needs well, and because it is already somewhat aged, it also does not require an overly polished or precious cleaning regimen.