How Often You Should Really Be Cleaning Your Window Screens

Should cleaning your window screens be an annual spring-cleaning task, or should you tackle this chore more often? As you might have suspected, the hard, fast answer is a bit of both. North Georgia Replacement Windows notes that window screens should ideally undergo a deep cleaning once winter is over to prevent severe mold and dust accumulation issues. Also, this practice maintains their longevity and upholds a favorable aesthetic. After all, a build-up of dirt from the cold weather months can impact the appearance of even the brightest windows with the cleanest panes.

Plus, your screens will keep bugs, cobwebs, and dust out more effectively if cleaned frequently, and you won't have to worry about pollen getting trapped on the mesh or in the frame. When this occurs, you're looking at having these particles invade your home every time you open the window for ventilation. So, how much of a regular cleaning routine should you adopt? It depends on the region's climate, and weather factors such as wind and rain will affect your frequency and cleaning methods.

How many times per month

If your location experiences frequent winds and high-speed gusts, then you should aim for two to three times per month. This keeps dust from accumulating on the screen and, most importantly, in all the hard-to-reach crevices in the frame. Some of your windy months, like March, might require a light weekly cleaning, depending on whether you experience dust storms in your area. Likewise, frequent rain storms accompanied by wind might warrant more frequent cleaning to ward off mold and remove debris that sticks to a wet screen.

However, if you live in a region whose climate doesn't involve much wind and not many storms, then you're safe with a monthly cleaning. Whether this task involves a deep cleaning or a simple dust removal depends on the outdoor conditions and the elements to which the screens are exposed. Thus, calm weather means that you most likely won't have to remove the screens and immerse them in water or spray them down, but if you're cleaning them for the first time at the beginning of the warm weather season, you might perform a more thorough job. 

When to deep clean vs. a once-over

Regardless of the frequency, though, familiarizing yourself with various methods will make cleaning more effective. Hence, if you fall into the category of monthly cleaning, you can try using a vacuum with a brush attachment on both sides of the screen and along the crevices of the frame. This is a quick strategy, but remember not to tear the screen. Another method for cleaning window screens that aren't extremely dirty is to use a lint roller or a small scrub brush to remove dust and small pieces of debris. This technique can be applied monthly or more often.

If you don't want to or can't remove the screens from the windows, you can use a power washer to rinse them off. Again, be mindful of the pressure not to damage the screens. On the other hand, if you have to deep clean at the beginning of spring, you might consider removing the screens, soaking them in a cleaning solution (i.e., soapy water or water mixed with vinegar), and gently scrubbing them with a small brush around the frame. Additionally, you can still employ this method frequently if your region's climate conditions warrant the need.